Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Elliott and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

***note, I apologize now for the negative tone and self-centered nature of this post. Save yourself. Go Google cute bunnies or surf porn now, avoid the whole mess.
I had a fantastic weekend. Should I, therefore, be punished? Apparently so.

My phone died Sunday night, and apparently that means that the phone itself decides to go into paperweight mode after recharging. No calls, no email, nothing. Therefore, I never got the calls from the mechanic about the Buick, so even though I dropped the car for service yesterday morning, it didn't get fixed. I was able to bum a ride home, but now I have two vehicles in south Tampa and none at home, on a night I work until 8 pm. I'll be going to get Lori tonight, then driving back down here to get my car, then driving back home. That's not inconvenient. Not at all.

And the Packers lost. To He-who-shall-not-be-named. But we won't discuss that.

When I got to my desk this morning, my computer was off. I didn’t shut it off, but powering it back on confirmed a ‘thermal event’ transpired overnight. That’s a weather condition, not a PC issue. It’s like the Alli people referring to uncontrollable anal seepage as a ‘Treatment Effect’.
***artist's depiction. If only our closet was actually this big!

When the computer finally booted up again, I got the email from Lori that the new double-poled, double-shelved, beautifully organized closet that we put together last month suffered a meltdown this morning. The top shelf collapsed, and since it landed on the bottom pole, I’m sure that one’s worse for wear, too. Lori can’t tell for sure because the whole closet is just a jumble of wire shelving, clothes, hangers and boxes.

***not the Dammit, but the markings are strangely familiar

Now I just got another email from her, indicating that the Dammit Dog decided he wanted to roll in poo, and is now encrusted in it. He never does this, but it’s my fault, I haven’t picked up the yard lately because in rainy season, it disintegrates before I can get to it.
Meanwhile, our systems have been experiencing outages all day, so clients can’t access our system. And their clients can’t access our system.

And, thanks to stress, the nightmares are better than ever. Lori woke me up because I was whimpering in my sleep, apparently. That’s better than snoring, I would think, but she doesn’t agree. As I was trying to go back to sleep, the medivac helicopter was suddenly hovering and circling above our house until traffic wherever they were headed could clear. That’s not disconcerting when you’ve just been woken from a bad dream. Not at all. When I came back from lunch, my desk fan wouldn’t turn. After a few minutes disassembling, turning, flipping switches and banging it on my desk, it’s finally running again.
And I just read that my favorite magazine, Gourmet, is stopping publication after 68 years.
Can I get a do-over on my week? Because this one just isn’t working for me.

And it’s only Tuesday.


Harmony said...

Hmmm I don't know how to comment on the Packers losing. They are my back up team..so I feel your pain. But I don't want you to get mad at me because they are my back up team..so I feel weird even mentioning it. Ummm..don't hate me.

While reading this post I was on the phone with Sprint..after talking to the associate for a while I realized I was beginning every sentence with a long and exaggerated ummmmmmmmm. So mid sentence I started laughing hysterically and said "I just realized I am starting every sentence with ummmmm..sorry about that" "So what's the password on your account" he replies "Ummmmmmm" *smacks head* thats when I decided that your bad day rubbed off on me..thanks!

Mary said...

Well Elliott, some days are like that- even in Australia.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I hear you.

Everyone else in the world can purify a compound when they make it. It apparently takes me six weeks, and the compounds still aren't clean enough for testing.

I pretty much hate everything about my life right now. I just want to punch pieces of equipment in the lab. And to shatter a lot of glassware.

But, fortunately, I'm not alone. Thanks, friend, for having a week equal in calibre to the suckage mine has wrought on my thus far.

Samsmama said...

Geez...what a shit week you're having. I guess (hope) the good news is that it can't get any worse. I really hope so. Hang in there! Tomorrow is Hump Day!

Elliott said...

Harm, I don't know how to comment on the Packers losing, either. And I don't have a back-up team.

I only 'uummmmmmm' when I'm on the phone and not really paying attention, I need the second to reboot my brain.

Mary, days are like that all over. But at this point, I'd give Australia a try.

Mjenks, weeks like you had last week are the reason I hate to even complain about my 'bad' weeks.

Smama, only halfway there.

Bev said...

I'm sorry Elliott. That's a lot of crapola, and even just one of those things would suck and send me into a weepy "woe-is-me" tizzy.

If it makes you feel any better, my husband forgot our anniversary today. It's ok -- it's not like I reminded him about it repeatedly yesterday. Oh wait... yes I did.


This whole year has kind of blown. Let's hope it steadily improves and then 2010 blows the doors off, k?

Stuart said...

Damn, dude. I swear that if I weren't already beholden, I'd totally beholden you right now.

Not in a gay™ way or anything. I'm just sayin'.

And I'm witcha on the game - I really thought we (by "we", I mean "them") had a chance against Ol' BF. And by that I mean Butt Fuck.

Cheers, man.

Elliott said...

Bev - I can generally tolerate a lot, but the week isn't getting any better as Wednesday starts, either. However, I DID remember my anniversary last week, and I don't even need prompting - using our wedding date as part of my passwords helps. And yes, generally speaking, you've had a not-so-special year. Again, the OPP makes my problems seem like nothing.

Stuart - um...thanks, I think. Gay or not. We're all friends, here.

Sarah J. Bradley said...

Take a deep breath, eat a cookie (Because you can't have a completely bad day if you eat a cookie!) and just figure that everything that's going to go wrong has already, so now you have a lovely rest of the week that will be trouble free! (And here's a ((((hug))) in case I'm wrong!)

Anonymous said...

Sorry Elliott.... but look on the bright side... your light at your desk isn't leaking again... or is it?

I'm a bitch - the closet thing was funny. Sorry. Oh and so was the dog rolling in poo.... again sorry.

Elliott said...

Sarah, I ate cookies yesterday. It didn't help. Sadly.

Courtney - since rainy season appears to be over, I think the dripping is done for now. However, I am still surrounded by gaping holes, brown ceiling tiles and garbage cans of water.

And remember. Tragedy is when something bad happens to you. Comedy is when the same thing happens to anyone else.

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