Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ask the Nerdy Fat Guy, vol 2

Welcome to another exciting edition of Ask the Nerdy Fat Guy! We here at ANFG Industries are always pleased to offer our services to you, the faithful reader.
Sarah, from Waukesha, Wisconsin asks: "Lutherburger? I'd like to have the breakdown of ingredients, please, because I'm a fan of fattening meat based foods and BACON is king of all food!"
I had no idea my mention of the Luther Burger would prove quite so popular. Named for R&B legend Luther Vandross, the concept is fiendish in its simplicity. A bacon cheeseburger on a grilled Krispy Kreme bun. Of course, this calls for the original Krispy Kreme, I can't imagine what a filled donut would do to the griddle.

But we could find out.

On an unrelated note, it turns out that Luther Vandross' middle name is Ronzoni. Like the pasta.

Sven, from Pipestone, Minnesota asks: "Donut? I thought it was spelled 'doughnut'!"

Again, laziness prevails, and while both spellings are correct, the shortened and 'Dunkin' version of the fried dough is more common in these our United States.

Luther, from Edison, New Jersey writes: "That burger looks good. Any chance you could whip one up for me right now? Also, where can I get a copy of Sarah's newest book?"
While I fully intend to make some of these over the weekend, I doubt they'd ship well. However, at only four ingredients (five if you go a la Holstein), it should be simple enough to do yourself.
Sarah's book, 'Dream in Color', will be available here on April 2, 2010. Keep watching the website though, they already moved the release date up three weeks!

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carissajaded said...

I don't think I've ever been to Crispy Creme (sacrilege right?) but does that donut have something dripping off it? There is no way that is just glaze...

Elliott said...

Oh, that's glaze. Do they have Krispy Kreme in the Lone Star state? I haven't been there in years (TX, not KK). The best is when the sign says Hot Now, since they pass them out free and you can get in line multiple times. Of course, nuking an old one for five seconds replicates the hot, donutty goodness.

Anonymous said...

Well thanks yet again for making me all of a sudden hungry. That burger looks so fucking good I almost licked the screen. (I said almost... had there been a shot of Crown next to it, well....)

Samsmama said...

There was a time when KK ran a promotion that if our MLB team scored 12 runs you could get a free dozen glazed. Our team sucks, but I had the amazing luck of being at two games where that very miracle took place.

I love the donuts with Chocolate icing on top, but my very fave is the blueberry-ish one. YUM! There's a drive thru KK up the street, not to mention our grocery store carries them. Man, I am starving!

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