Thursday, October 29, 2009

Random Acts of Thursday - A Major Award

Continuing down the primrose path of my visit to Cleveland, I made a discovery:
Yes, that's exactly what you think it is.Despite its being ensconced firmly in your memory and mine as an Indiana-based movie product, the home street in A Christmas Story was actually filmed here in Cleveland (thanks to Mjenks for reminding us that other exteriors were shot in Ontario). And the museum shown above, the original house restored to all of its movieland glory, is there for you and I to enjoy.
Also out there is the Tower City Center, just incredible to see at night. Just one example of all of the awe-inspiring industrial architecture in this city.
In the 'I.M. Pei, you are not' category, we have this little gem:Again, quite the accomplishment. And Johnny Cash's bus parked out front didn't hurt, either. There was some hoity-toity party starting when I was there, I got the impression I wasn't welcome.

Now, since you've endured the never-ending crapulence of my photography thus far, I wanted to share this random thing I saw on a street corner.
Don't know what it is, other than cool.

And then there's my sucktacular videography. I really just don't know what this is. I expected to see the Wicked Witch's imperial guard in the front courtyard.

I spotted this on my drive in the other night, and since it was going again tonight, I had to at least try to share it. Sorry it's not clearer, but based on my simple photography skills, you're lucky you got this.

I really, really have no idea.

And then I found 'The Flats'. Or some such area. A valley that was probably 50 or 60 feet below the level of civilized downtown. Industrial, gritty, rusty, abandoned. Rockin' cool. There are tons of corner bars, too, almost too many to choose from.
Plus, earlier today I passed this, and thought of Courtney.What are the odds that this boat would be stored there?
I was amused, anyway.
Overall and with all due respect to my hometown of Milwaukee, I think Cleveland might just be worthy of my 'Best Midwestern City Visit of 2009 Award'.
And that's major.


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

That flume is probably one of the many BP refineries that dot upper Ohio.

And, most of A Christmas Story was filmed in Canada (at least the outside scenes), but the house in Cleveland is open for tourists and such. It's been restored to match the house as it appears in the movie.

You learn these things when your favorite movie(s) are set in your home state.

In case you're wondering, I know way too much about the backstory behind Hoosiers, too.

Samsmama said...

I love that freaking lamp! My uncle made one and it's awesome. Then he made one for me, but I got the torso. A pregnant torso.

Mary said...

Well, fudge...I love Christmas Story!!
'except I didn't say fudge...'

Elliott said...

It slays me that they filmed the home exteriors in one city, and the school in a completely different city. Ah, the days when no expense was spared, not like today's films where everything has to be done with computers since that's SO much cheaper...wait...

The refinery makes sense, I just love that there's a 20-foot wall of fire in the middle of the city.

The lamp is great, too, did your pregnant torso light up, or was it solid? I think a red glowing belly, a la E.T., would have rocked.

"I said 'it', I said THE word."

May the Schwartz be with you.

Gwen said...

Until I got to the picture of Whiskey Island (AKA the latest place I've decided to retire to), I thought you were a vampire and couldn't go out in the daylight.

Glad you had a good trip!

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures.

Bev said...

I never thought anyone could make me want to visit Cleveland... until now. Great pics, Elliott! Sounds like a good place to visit.

Btw, I went to Milwaukee once on a business trip (did a job for Miller Beer) and loved it! Nice place. Of course, you know I called it "Milla-wauk-ay" the whole time I was there, 'cuz I am excellent.

Harlem's A Hatin said...

I love the pictures, especially the snowy one!

Elliott said...

Gwen, sometimes I feel like I don't get to go out in daylight. Now as to my penchant for blood...

Bev, even growing up there, I still call it "Milla-wauk-ay". All the kids are doing it. And yes, Cleveland is a neato-keen place to go...just wait until I post about the food!

HAH - (hah!) Thanks for making my photographic skills feel even worse - your favorite picture is a still from the movie that someone probably copied from a grainy old VCR tape. I didn't take that one, as evidenced by the lack of shaking, tilt and off-centeredness.

But thanks.

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