Thursday, October 22, 2009

Random Acts of Thursday - The good, the bad and their common car (Updated)

Growing up in the '70's as I did, the American musclecar was ripe in my mind. Rumbling metal beasts were everywhere, and despite my personal obsession with Oldsmobiles, the Pontiac still screamed 'cool' in every way.

The Trans Am and it's tamer counterpart, the Firebird, weighed heavily in the films of my youth. Noteable, of course, is the BAN-1 76 driven so skillfully by the mustache-enhanced Burt Reynolds. And really, Burt Reynolds films really meant more with the mustache. Even James Garner rocked the base model on 'The Rockford Files', and the Hoff really rocked a mid-80's version.

However, there are other films that shared this simple vision as well: raw power on four wheels. I'll name the actor, you name the film. Most correct answers wins. I've tried listing them in chronological order, but I could be wrong, since much of this comes from memory. And 1974 was a big year for the Trans Am. Just sayin.

  1. John Wayne
  2. Keith Carradine
  3. Jeff Bridges
  4. Burt Reynolds (and not as Bandit...)
  5. Steve McQueen
  6. Roy Scheider
Bonus question 1: Which Knight Rider 'star' featured opposite Dustin Hoffman in a film that predates all those I've hinted at above?
Bonus question 2: In addition to McQueen's '68 Mustang in Bullitt, which other actor drove a Mustang in addtion to a Trans Am in the same film?
Hey, these can't all be easy.


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Bullshit. The only thing John Wayne ever rode was a horse, a WWII era plane or Maureen O'Hara.

Anonymous said...

Shit mjenks - you took the words right out of my mouth.

Sorry Elliott - I was born in 1980 (suck on that for a while!!!) so therefore I don't have a fucking clue on this one. That is unless I google the shit out of it....

Elliott said...

Actually, Marion drove a Jeep in Hatari, and several wagons in Stagecoach. But I get your point...

Courtney, unless I'm mistaken (and I'm not), you've named movies older than these based on quotes, so that's no excuse.

Some day, I know someone will come along who can answer these, my questions. (There, the other side, see ye.)

Pearl said...

Shoot! I don't know, but I like how you write!


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