Thursday, June 24, 2010

Random Acts of Thursday - I'd rather fight than switch...

I am important. And not just self-important, but other people rely on my knowledge and insight. I have a lofty important title at work. I have a corner office. A real office, not just a glorified cubicle, my desk and door are both made of wood (or wood particulate...let's not split hairs.)
All that said, I find it necessary to share that yesterday, I wore baby blue boxer shorts covered in flying pigs. Monday, little race cars.
I haven't always worn boxers, I grew up tight and white, snug as a thug. Cool white cotton, softly cradling my 'personal area'. Somewhere along the line, I started the slow transition to boxers (briefs with loose dress pants, boxers with jeans), and once I made the final transition in my mid-20's, I haven't looked back.

Sure, I could still wear tighties, and I could also tuck my tee shirt into them like they do in the ads. But really. Briefs and I had a parting of the ways, and never again will we meet. Can you see me in my BVD's, gloriously parading like King Fahd on some Saudi beach?
You can now, I'm sure.

I've tried the Switzerland of undergarments, the boxer brief, and while I could see the appeal while wearing loose-fitting shorts at the gym, said gym membership was also 'brief', and back to boxers I went.

What about you, dear reader? What fantastic or failed experiments have you experienced in the fine world of undergarments?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Night at the Movies - Because Morning Movie Mania is so darn early

Okay, kids, I know it's a little late.  Send the wee ones off to bed, settle in with the popcorn, and get ready to go!

Last week was a busy one, quick trip to the Garden State via LaGuardia, which meant my first time ever seeing the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty and Evander Holyfield.  Looked like a genuinely nice guy, but I am embarrassingly low on nerdy pugilistic facts, and slow with the camera, so you'll just need to stay content with the story.

Oh, and the risotto!  When we got home Friday evening, I went to the local organic market, and found just what I wanted: freshly shelled peas, organic cultured butter, good hard parmesan, chicken stock.  I do have pictures of that, but that's not the point of today's post.  

Instead, let's play that Monday game we all know and love!  Two weeks ago the mysterious L correctly identified 'Auntie Mame' as the movie of the week.  Now, a review of the rules is in order (for my lack of short-term memory, not yours.) No Google or other web searches, you should know the quote by yourself. This should be the original source of the quote as well, no characters quoting other movies, and certainly no movies within movies. Should you guess the quote correctly, you'll win the people's fame and ovation forever, along with the title of 'Iron Quote Guesser', along with all associated accolades. Now, onto the quote of the week!

If they ever start giving out prizes for running away, YOU'LL be Champion of the Universe!

Get cracking, childrens!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Random Acts of Thursday - Let the torture continue...

Happy Thursday, kids! It's opposites day here at Worldwide NFG, and since many of you struggled to find the lyrics that fit perfectly around last week's numbers quiz, I figured I'd make life ever so slightly easier. Don't know why, since as you read this, I'm probably here, in traffic.

Or possibly here, also in traffic:
I hope the tunnel's not really as blurry as it seems in the picture.

It's only a day trip for work, (and I have the Cheap Trick version of that song in my head...) but I've neglected you for so long, wouldn't want to leave you hanging for the whole week.  I was out of the house by 4:30 this morning to get to the airport.  Fun times.

Should be a simple quiz this time around for those of you who groused about the pain I caused you last week. Fill in the blanks, children! Unfortunately, as the blanks should explain themselves based on the lyrics, you have to guess at the number of digits, unlike last week where the spaces were properly counted for you on the missing words. Didn't figure that one out, did you?

The man in the coon-skin cap by the big pen wants __ dollar bills, you only got __

I'm a man, I'm __ and I like it

I would walk __ miles and I would walk __ more

Gotta be a big rock star I got it turned up to __

Work __ hours, __ days a week, just so I can come home and kiss your cheek

I'm hot-blooded, check it and see, got a fever of __

Whip out my big __-inch

It was __ years ago today

For __ years, we've been on our own.

In __ we took a little trip

Rollin' in my __.__ got the ragtop down so my hair can blow

By the time we got into Tulsa Town, we had __ trucks in all.

Marie is only __ years old, information please

__ red balloons floating in the summer sky

'Cause it's murder by numbers, __, __, __

I'm not the cat I used to be, I've got a kid, I'm __ baby.

__ holes in Blackburn, Lancashire

And yes, I know a few of these came off the same album. I grade on a curve, so here's hoping you do well.  Bonus points again for the artists.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Random Acts of Thursday - Music by the Numbers

I've been thinking a little more than usual about music, and revisiting a lot of 80's new wave stuff, among others. The XM is addicting, no commercials and almost always a good song somewhere on the dial. (Dial? Am I 90?) Somehow, I got to thinking about numbers in lyrics, and all you have to do is finish the lyric.  Bonus points for naming the artist.

4,3,2,1 _____ _____ __, ________, _______
 1 __ ___ _________ ______

2 __ ______, 2 ______ ____ ____ __ 1

6 ____ __ ___ ____ ___ ___ _____ ____ __ ____ _______

_ ___ 7 _____ __ __ ____

____ ________ ____ __ '63

65 _ ___ 17

____ _ ___ 21 __ ___ _ ____ ____ ____

______ __ 9 ___ _ _____ ___ ______

___ __ ____ 3 ___, ___ ____ _ ____ ____ ____ ___ __ _____

___ ____ _____ __ _____ 66

__ ___ ____ 2525

____ ____ 1 ___ ______ __ 12 ____ __ _____ _____

_______ _____ ______ __ ___ _____ 25 __ 6 __ 4

_ ____ _____ 55

_____ ___ 17

_ _____ __ _____ ____ 6 _____ __ __ ___ 5 ___ ____

______ 187 __ _ ______ ______ ___

______ 16 ______ _________ ___ ______ ____

__ ____ _ ______ _____ ____ _______ ____ _________ 4 ____ __ ___ ___ ___ ____ ____ _____ __ ______
Fill in the blanks, kids!  I'm counting on you.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The SPITWAD Chronicles - Bridging the Gap

A while back, I wrote about Todd Bridges, and how I was amazed that he was still alive. I wouldn't have called it. Honestly, if you'd asked fifteen, twenty years ago, I would have picked Lloyd Bridges to outlive Todd Bridges.
Even with the glue sniffing.

Now, as we mourn the passing of Arnold "Whatchoo talkin bout" Drummond, aka Gary Coleman, security guard extraordinaire, (and we are mourning...mourn, damn you!) I have to ask once again, did anyone really expect Todd Bridges to be the sole survivor of the original 'Diff'rent Strokes' cast?

And okay, Charlotte Rae, born in my hometown of Milwaukee, is still out there making movies, but at 84, I still think Todd might be in the running. Conrad Bain, 87. Not doing much of late, might even have died and nobody noticed. Anyone?

But if you ignore the facts, (and take the good, you take the bad...) you'd think Todd Bridges was selling the souls of his castmembers for eternal life.

(Speaking of eternal life, that Golden Girls reunion is looking at a change of venue...too soon?)

Alas, poor Arnold. We knew him, Willis.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Movie Mania Monday-ish - The Return of the King

And it's good to be the king.

Must apologize, kids, this little Ohi-atus has dragged on far longer than I expected. The old PC is just simply incapable of booting up, and I am without a ready alternative unless I borrow Lori's laptop when she's not using it. Plus, things are just quite busy here in the Buckeye State. There's so much to see, and the new car is already overdue for its first oil change on my watch after the drive from Florida, a weekend trip to Wisconsin, and several client visits in southern Ohio and Pittsburgh as well as our little Sunday drives.

Plus, did I mention that I gave up caffeine? It was a good thing, especially from Lori's point of view, since my snoring seems to have quieted a bit from the decibel level that killed Pete Townshend's hearing. I'm not nearly as high-strung. However, even after almost a month, I'm still experiencing withdrawal from the high levels I used to consume, and I could really use a nap.

I mowed the back yard for the first time yesterday, and uncovered wild strawberries in the process (after mowing half of them...). Since they just re-reseeded the front a few weeks ago, it will be a while before I can mow that, but at least it looks like a real, useable space behind the house now. Just need a pad for the grill and we'll be in business. There are still a few lizards running around the patio, confused about their change of venue. Just wait until winter hits, they won't have a clue what's going on.

Because it's been so long since we here at CDS Enterprises (a division of NFG Worldwide) have run a movie quote, you'd think I'd lob you an easy one. Blade Runner was on last night, and I could throw out a simple one from that gem, but that wouldn't be any fun at all.

Of course, since it's been months since we did one of these, a review of the rules is in order. No Google or other web searches, you should know the quote by yourself. This should be the original source of the quote as well, no characters quoting other movies, and certainly no movies within movies (like 'Touch of Evil' in 'Get Shorty'). Which reminds me. If you haven't seen 'Touch of Evil', 'Get Shorty' or 'Blade Runner', you really should. Netflix those puppies. Should you guess the quote correctly, you'll win the people's fame and ovation forever, along with the title of 'Iron Quote Guesser', along with all associated accolades. Now, onto the quote of the week!

"Oh, my my my my, what an eager little mind. You won't need some of these words for months and months."

Allez guessing, kids!

Be nice and share!

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