Thursday, October 1, 2009

It puts the wax on, it takes the wax off, or else it gets the hose again

Got to thinking about the obscure music I enjoy, and since I already entrust you, o faithful reader, with all my dark and secret movie nerdiness, I figured I'd take a poll this evening. I would have asked earlier, but my nerdiness does NOT extend to embedding video in web posts.

There are no end of music videos out there that reference films for which they weren't originally made. I can't say I'm ever a fan of a video that not so subtly uses endless footage from the film for which the song was written in place of an original thought. (read: DOESN'T HIDE IT'S LACK OF CREATIVITY.) Aerosmith? LeeAnn Rimes? I'm casting a sideways glance at both of you.

However, there are videos that take brilliant inspiration reworking an old piece of cinematic genius, and these should be applauded. So here's the dealio: two videos, two movies, one question. Which artist/group better captures the essence while retaining original creativity?

The Greens Keepers' take on SOTL


No More Kings' take on The Karate Kid

Any other contenders?

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