Saturday, November 5, 2005

The Treasure You Seek

If you have arrived here, it is hopefully because you have tried and failed and really, REALLY need to know the answers. Well, I'm here to provide closure.

1 - L
2 - H
3 - O
4 - I
5 - A
6 - M
7 - Q
8 - G
9 - B
10 - N
11 - J
12 - E
13 - C
14 - F
15 - P
16 - D
17 - K
Bonus question, since you're here: Which famous actor/director changed his name from Albert Einstein?

Friday, September 23, 2005

Sexy time, very nice

From this quiz, take it first...

1) Phoebe Cates' ultimate bikini scene in 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High'

2) Nicole Kidman gets sexy in the rain to this song in a short little sundress in 'To Die For'

3) Demi Moore bursts onto the screen in 'Striptease'

4) Bo Derek insists on making love to this song in 'Ten'

5) Heather Graham gets naked (except for the roller skates) in 'Boogie Nights'

6) Laura Dern rides Nic Cage while this death metal song plays over the top in 'Wild at Heart'

7) Kelly Macdonald is magnificently dirty in the back of a cab to this song in 'Trainspotting' (and in her schoolgirl uniform)

8) Christian Bale expounds on the brilliance or banality of Genesis and Phil's solo work to this song while an escort and a prostitute he's hired have sex with one another for his pleasure in 'American Psycho'.

If you haven't seen these movies, see them. 

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Puff Puff Pass/Fail

Don't cheat, kids!  Take the quiz here first.

1) What actor starred in a Disney film under the alias Paul Mall?

Paul Reubens (aka Pee Wee Herman) starred in the 1986 film Flight of the Navigator under the psuedonym Paul Mall.

2) Name the television show that featured a character named Salem?

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

3) What iconic ad man did Don Johnson usurp for a 1991 film?

Don Johnson starred with Mickey Rourke as 'The Marlboro Man', with Rourke taking on the role of Harley Davidson in that film nobody ever saw.

4) What brand of cigarettes does Bruce Willis smoke in Die Hard? 

Bruce is squarely a Marlboro man in Die Hard, but picks up the villains' Gauloises 

5) What about in Pulp Fiction?

As with every Tarantino smoker, only Red Apples will do for Butch.

6) What Academy-award-winning film is set in Newport, RI?

The 1974 version of The Great Gatsby was set in Newport, and won Academy awards for Best Costume Design and Best Music.

7) Name the brand mentioned by Billy Joel in an iconic 80's song.

In 'Keeping the Faith', Joel sings about a fresh pack of Luckys. 

8) What series of code phrases does James Bond use to identify a fellow agent?

See "From Russia with Love":

James Bond: Pardon me, do you have a match?
MI6 Contact: I use a lighter.
James Bond: Better still.
MI6 Contact: Until they go wrong.
James Bond: Exactly.

9) In which film did Clint Eastwood light a match on the face of his opponent?

This took place in both Hang 'Em High and The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

10) What is my favorite Kool and the Gang song? (Hint - it's featured in one of the films listed above.)

From Pulp Fiction:  "Tell me again about the hash bars." Background music rocks, too.

Bonus:  Kurt Vonnegut famously smoked Pall Malls his entire life, bringing us back to question number one.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Bond Girls are Easy

Okay kids, no cheating.  Make sure you check out the quiz first!

Which actor has starred in the most Bond films to date?  Robert Llewellyn portrayed 'Q' (or Major Boothroyd) in 17 Bond films, the most appearances by any actor.
Which Bond character has been played by the most actors in the franchise history: M, Ernst Stavro Blofeld or Felix Leiter?  Blofeld was portrayed by nine actors in the history of Bond films, one more than Felix Leiter.
Which of those characters was played by more than one actor in a single film?  Blofeld accomplished his feat in question two by being portrayed by two different actors in Thunderball, From Russia With Love and For Your Eyes Only.
Name two actors to play a different role in a subsequent film than in their original Bond appearance.  (Check the CDS archives for this one, kiddoes!)
Of the many makes and models of car James Bond has driven, and given his history of destroying anything he drives, which car has featured in more films than any other?  The ubiquitous Aston Martin DB5 has made more appearances than any other vehicle in the series.  And she's a beauty.
What children's author wrote the screenplay for one of the film adaptations of Ian Fleming's novels?  Roald Dahl wrote the screenplay for 'You Only Live Twice'.
What non-Bond film did said author screenwrite based on an Ian Fleming story?  Dahl also adapted Fleming's story 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' for film.  This film featured Gert Frobe, best known for his role as Auric Goldfinger, and Benny Hill, best known for his role as Benny Hill (pickle pinger op pate, indeed.)
Which film featured more actors playing Agent 007 than any other?  The non-canonical 1967 'Casino Royale' featured a plethora of actors and actresses billed as 'Agent 007'.
Of those actors, who is the only one to act in one of the 'official' Bond films?  In addition to her appearance in 'Casino Royale', Ursula Andress donned the now-famous white bikini in Dr. No.
Who was the best Bond girl ever?  Discuss.  So many choices here, some far better than others.  I've always been fond of Daniella Bianchi ('From Russia With Love'), Claudine Auger ('Thunderball')  Carole Bouquet ('For Your Eyes Only') and Barbara Bach ('The Spy Who Loved Me').  In the end, as much as I'm drawn to Bianchi's character for her beauty, I love the independence and strength of Bouquet.  In the real end, it's such a part of the genre it seems wrong to exclude any of them.

Except Halle Berry.  I mean, come on.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Role Models

Did you take the quiz

Good for you, score yourself with the answers below.  Didn't take the quiz?  Don't cheat.  You're only hurting yourself.

1:  Dr. Who
2:  Rusty Griswold
3:  Superman
4:  Annie Oakley
5:  Batman
6:  Eliot Ness
7:  Elvis Presley
8:  James Bond
9:  Doc Holiday
10: Wyatt Earp

Friday, March 18, 2005

Home is where the heart is

Did you take the quiz? Good. Because otherwise, looking here would be cheating.

1) North by Northwest (Alfred Hitchcock)

2) Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House

3) Happy Days (aayyyy!)

4) Diamonds are Forever

5) Clue

6) Ferris Bueller's Day Off (John Hughes)

7) Psycho (Alfred Hitchcock)

8) Goonies

9) Secret Window

10) The Exorcist

11) Home Alone (John Hughes)

12) Miracle on 34th Street

Friday, March 4, 2005


Take the original quiz HERE before you ruin all the fun...

Done? Good.

(1964) - 1964 Aston Martin DB5 (Silver) 'Goldfinger'
(1968) - 1968 Mustang fastback (Green) 'Bullitt'
(1977) - 1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III (Black) 'The Car'
(1977) - 1976 Lotus Esprit Type 79 (White and submersible) 'The Spy Who Loved Me'
(1977) - 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am (Black) 'Smokey and the Bandit'
(1978) - 1973 Chevrolet Corvette (Orange) 'Corvette Summer'
(1979) - 1973 Ford Falcon (Black) 'Mad Max'
(1980) - 1974 Dodge Monaco (Black & White) 'The Blues Brothers'
(1981) - 1980 Lamborghini Countach LP400S (Black) 'Cannonball Run'
(1983) - 1976 Porsche 928 (Gray) 'Risky Business'
(1985) - 1967 Camaro (Black with SS Stripes) 'Better Off Dead'
(1985) - 1981 DeLorean DMC12 (Silver) 'Back to the Future'
(1985) - 1984 Ferrari 308 GTS (Black) 'To Live and Die in L.A.'
(1987) - 1959 Corvette (Red and White) 'Less Than Zero'
(1988) - 1986 Porsche Carrera Cabrio (Red) 'Shakedown'

Friday, February 11, 2005

You two-timing sonuva...(spoilers)

Cheating are we? Take the quiz here first!

Done now? Then check your answers.

Name Two Films...

1) ...based on board games:

2) ...featuring characters named Chance:
Tom Sizemore in Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man
Jean Claude Van Damme in Hard Target

3) ...based upon video games, but that DON'T feature CGI:
Street Fighter (1994)
Super Mario Bros (1993)

4) ...based on 'true stories of alien abduction'
Communion (1989)
Fire in the Sky (1993)

5) ...starring Bill McKinney and Geoffrey Lewis
Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974)
Every Which Way But Loose (1978)
Any Which Way You Can (1980)
Bronco Billy (1980)
Pink Cadillac (1989)

6) ...based in part on both Dashiell Hammett's book Red Harvest and the works of Akira Kurosawa
A Fistful of Dollars/Per un Pugno di Dollori (1964)
Last Man Standing (1996)

Actors who starred in movies from more than one category:
Jean Claude Van Damme (2 & 3)
Christopher Walken (4 & 6)
Clint Eastwood (5 & 6)

Friday, January 28, 2005

One of these things just doesn't belong

Group 1:

Roger Ward – Young Einstein (1988)
AndrĂ© RenĂ© Roussimoff – The Princess Bride (1987)
James George Janos – Predator (1987)
Terry Bollea – Rocky III (1982)
Laurence Tureaud – D.C. Cab (1983)

All actors are former wrestlers. Of these, only Andre "the Giant" Roussimoff has been featured on a Dead Wrestler Trading Card


Group 2:

Cool World (1992)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)
The Incredible Mr. Limpet (1964)
Kill Bill, Vol 1 (2003)
Space Jam (1996)

All films feature a combination of live-action and animation. Only in Kill Bill, Volume 1 do these two media fail to interact.


Group 3:

Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000)
The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988)
I Am Legend (2007)
Never Say Never Again (1983)

All films are remakes of previous films:
Gone in 60 Seconds (1974)
The Thomas Crown Affair (1968)
Bedtime Story (1964)

The Omega Man (1971)
Thunderball (1965)

Only The Thomas Crown Affair retained the same title in both films

Group 4:

Mad Max (1979)
Yojimbo (1961)
Fistful of Dollars (Per un pugno di dollari) (1964)
Old Boy (2003)
Wild at Heart (1989)

All five films feature a severed human hand. Only Old Boy fails to have this severed hand interact with a dog.

The bonus bonus? I've never seen D.C. Cab, Space Jam, or I Am Legend.

Friday, January 7, 2005

Holli Wouldn't Cheat Like This...

The Kims:

Bassinger - Holli Would (Cool World)
Cattrall - Gracie Law (Big Trouble in Little China)
Darby - Mattie Ross (True Grit)
Delaney - Detective Diane Russell (NYPD Blue)
Fields - Dorothy 'Tootie' Ramsey (The Facts of Life)
Hunter - Zira (Planet of the Apes)
Jones - Tina Parker (Juwanna Mann)
Kardashian - Summa Eve (Deep In the Valley aka Hot Babes)
Novak - Madeleine Elster & Judy Barton (Vertigo)

Thursday, January 6, 2005

Spoilers - Recursion

Hey, cheater!  Go here for the questions before you read all the answers!
Films featured in a later film:

Rambo - Son of Rambo
Casablanca - When Harry met Sally
Rio Bravo - Get Shorty
Touch of Evil - Sneakers/Get Shorty
Goldfinger - Catch Me if You Can
Spartacus - Clueless
Miracle on 34th Street - Home Alone
Captain Blood - The Goonies
Watership Down - Donnie Darko
Myrt and Marge - O Brother, Where Art Thou?
It's a Wonderful Life - Bruce Almighty/Scrooged
Gilda - The Fisher King/The Shawshank Redemption

Name two movies that feature video stores, though no actual film footage is ever seen:

Gross Pointe Blank

Name two movies that feature fake films as part of the main film's plotline.

Purple Rose of Cairo
Singin' in the Rain
Last Action Hero
For Your Consideration
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Name two movies that feature 'themselves' in the film.

Singin' in the Rain
Blazing Saddles

Sure, there are more answers than I requested.  That's why you should have done better than you did.  Now look sad and say "d'oh."

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