Friday, October 16, 2009

Fun Fact Friday - Snot clots are not hot

Friday, Friday, Friday! Weighing in as bright and sunny, another beautiful day in the desert. And bonus, another dead wrestler trading blog!

This time, it's the clash of the politically incorrect ethnic stereotypes!

Fritz von Erich, the Iron Claw...
...versus Wahoo McDaniels!
Trade with your friends! Fun for the whole family, except for your creepy uncle Francine. Void where prohibited by good taste.

I have yet to see 'The Wrestler' with quintessential everyman, Mickey Rourke, but I saw him talking about the cutting that went on to make the matches more exciting. Because blood equals excitement.
Come on, you HAVE to love The Crusher!

Couple that with my visit to the Nevada desert this week, when I'm not yet accustomed to the dry air. My sinuses spent the first five days of the trip crusted with dried blood. This is, of course, normal. Unusually dry climates, especially when one's body is unfamiliar with a lack of humidity (gee, thanks, Florida!), can cause the tiny little vessels in your sinus cavities to rupture, causing nosebleeds.
Of course, the more common cause of nosebleeds is slightly less analog. As in "more digital"...
Yes, I have my nerd hat on today.
And I've been waiting for ages to use this picture:
Notable nosebleeds in history include Attilla the Hun, who drowned in his own blood after suffering a nosebleed in his sleep. And people say history is boring.


Mary said...

well- sadly for me I have a personal 'wrestling' story to relate...
as a kid, my dad (and so my brothers and I) watched wrestling out of Chicago on WGN when all the 'greats' were in their prime.
Years and years later my kids and I moved into a lovely home in another town and met one of our neighbors one day. He was a big man to be sure, aging, but I could tell he'd been an athlete. He waved often and once helped me jump start my car.
As he stood there, jumper cables in hand, I asked him if I should know him. He never looked up but smirked a bit and said, I think you're too young to know me.
It was Dick the Bruiser...and he died just a few years later of a heart attack.
One of the nicest men I'd ever met.

Elliott said...

That is a great story, Mary. I'm so glad you shared it. So many of the original pro wrestlers were kind, caring people like this, I'm sure. I saw the Crusher and few other old-schoolers at a hockey game a number of years ago, and since I still lived in the Milwaukee area (as did the Crusher), I'd listen to him reminisce on local radio.

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