Friday, January 1, 2010

Fun Fact(ish) Friday - Smells Like Teen Spirit, Tastes Like Chicken

Ah, the first post of a new year. Yesterday was long and painful, I managed to dump my little airline cup of Diet Coke into my crotch on the first leg of our trip home, where I was firmly planted in the middle seat. That was pleasant, at least I know what I'll look like when I'm eventually old(er) and incontinent. As will the next person who got that seat after me, I suppose.

The Popeye's Chicken in the Atlanta airport has the best chicken of any I've found so far, it must be the copious amounts they sell so I always get freshly fried chicken. Mmmm, chicken.
We landed just before midnight, it was fun to see all the fireworks going off around the city from that vantage point. We got home and, to be celebratory, opened the bottle of 'Asti of Unknown Origins', since it's nothing I'd ever buy purposely, and found that I have misplaced or given away our champagne flutes. They might be in a box, along with many of our other possessions.

But oh, what greater pleasure is there after a long trip than coming home to a clean, quiet house and sleeping in your own bed, with your own pillows and your own surroundings? I'm still a little crispy-fried from the trip, trying to rehydrate and make this throbbing headache subside. The rain is plopping and glorping against the concrete outside, and it sounds like an active deep fryer against the solar cover on the pool.
Happy new year, dear readers.


Mala said...

My son spilled his entire cup of orange juice in my lap within the first 20 minutes of our cross country flight. Now I put him in my checked luggage. It's worth the extra $20 bag charge.

Happy New Year Elliott!

Elliott said...

Sadly, I only have myself to blame, I'm clumsy that way.

But I'd spend the $20 in a heartbeat otherwise.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Come home to a clean house after a trip? What a strange concept...

Elliott said...

Mjenks, it's tough to put in the extra effort amidst packing and planning the trip itself, but believe me, it's worth it to come home to a freshly-made bed and no dishes on the counter.

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