Thursday, January 7, 2010

Random Acts of Thursday - To Dream the Kim-possible Dream

Yes, I spent much of my life (even my adult life) watching Saturday morning cartoons, among the 1400 hours of television I watched every week as a child. Between cartoons, sitcoms, old movies and game shows, my days were just packed.
Speaking of game shows, let's play Name That Kim. The actors and actresses who portrayed the characters listed below are all named Kim, you just need to fill in the last name. See? Not so difficult, I'm giving you half the answer in each case.

Dorothy 'Tootie' Ramsey

Madeleine Elster & Judy Barton


Summa Eve

Tina Parker

Detective Diane Russell

Holli Would

Mattie Ross

Gracie Law

Some of these women have been acting for decades, so I tried to pick my favorite roles for each of them. Let's see how many you can get!


calicobebop said...

I'm lame - I only know Holli Would is Kim Bassinger because I liked that movie. Hope you post the answers!

Gwen said...

Also lame: the only one I know is Kim Fields. But it's still a fun game!

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I only know Kim Fields, because I knew someone else named Kimberly Fields.

Elliott said...

Mjenks, you DID call her Tootie, I hope. Because otherwise that name would be wasted.

Calico, I loved Cool World, it was horribly underrated.

Gwen, not knowing leads to research. If I can get one person to watch one obscure or artsy film that they've never seen before, I'll be happy.

And yes, the answers will get posted, I think. But I'd better get more people answering first.

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