Monday, January 18, 2010

Want Pie Now

In the coming week, you will notice a distinct theme here at Cheesehead Displacement Syndrome. Next Saturday is National Pie Day, but being as nobody reads my weekend posts around here, I thought I would devote the entire week to filled-crust desserts.
This includes important tips;

Amusing web animations;

The adventures of Elliott as Baker - for my first-ever chess pie is in the oven as I write this - and Elliott the Pie-Eater, because why would I bake pie if not to eat it?

Unnecessary references to Warrant and Don McLean;
And, of course, gratuitous but tasteful nudity. Can't forget that.
Remember. Life is short, eat more pie.
Have a question about pie? Ask the Nerdy Fat Guy! If he doesn't know, he'll make something up, and isn't that better in the long run, anyway?


Mala said...

And good fer ya! You forgt to mention that. A pie full of butter and buttermilk - I'm in HEAVEN!

Elliott said...

I posted pictures and the recipe yesterday, see 'Check and Mate'. Such a simple pie!

Nej said...

Would now be the time to announce my anti-vegetarian status? And...since most pies involve vegetarian components (like fruit for example) choices are limited. :-)


Elliott said... don't eat fruit? What if you make the pie crust using lard? That's 100% porky goodness, it offsets the fruit thing, right?

Somewhere back in last year's posts I have a rant about how vegans shouldn't be allowed to drink beer, since yeast is technically an animal.

Nej said...

I also wondered why they are so worried about the care of animals....but have no problem ripping a poor head of lettuce from the ground...or an unsuspecting apple, minding it's own business, from a tree.....

Barbarians. :-)

Nej said...

I "always" "also." My fingers sometimes just type words without asking me first. :-)

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