Thursday, January 14, 2010

Random Acts of Thursday - Chess, anyone?

Some time ago, during my Moon Pie post, I made mention of chess pie. And now I'm hungry for it, so I bought all the fixings for it. Yes, I was going to bake. Then I realized again why I don't bake.

I did not purchase pie crust. Yes, I was going to use frozen pie crust, because it's not fair to make Lori make pie crust for me, since I was going to take credit for the pie (and if she's making pie crust, I'm going to expect her famous apple cranberry pie). So no chess pie for me. It would appear there are as many recipes for chess pie as there are bakers. Some of them, like the one above, call for brown sugar, milk and vinegar. The Luby's recipe I was going to use calls for buttermilk and white sugar. Such pies originated in winter months, when fruit was scarce and burly pioneers craved something sweet.

But just because I don't have any chess pie in my belly, doesn't mean I can't create a quiz for you about chess itself.
I miss playing chess. I have a set buried in the garage, still in my 'clean out the desk' box from my last job. Chess plays a factor in many great films, too.

And you, dear reader, get to identify the films where each of the following actors played a game of chess, the sweet science.

Oops, that's boxing. Another day.

I'm not above dropping hints, even when they're cryptic and self-serving. As such, actors names bearing an asterisk starred in films featured elsewhere in this blog.

Vladek Sheybal *

Matthew Broderick

Mel Brooks *

Max von Sydow *

Douglas Rain

Cleavon Little

Humphrey Bogart

I've named the actors, you give me the film in each case. If it helps to hum a little Murray Head ditty while you figure this one out, that's okay.

And if you just want to ogle, that's fine too. Just don't criticize her moves if you expect to mate.


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I haven't played chess in years. Unless you count playing with myself on the computer.


No, never mind. That's right.

There's a chess club that meets at my local library. I've kicked around the idea of going there, but I'm always stuck with my kids, and I don't want to just let them run wild in the library.

*sigh* What to do, what to do...

Elliott said...

I thought 'library' was Latin for 'unsupervised children running amok indoors'...isn't it?

calicobebop said...

It's been a long, long time since I played chess - a kid I used to baby sit taught me and whooped my ass every game. Kind of left a bitter taste in my mouth. Nothing a bite of chess pie wouldn't cure!

My mom's recipe for chess pie is chocolate - it's SO good. I might have ask for one now...

Elliott said...

There are so many chess pie recipes out there, chocolate would be good. I was drawn to the coconut chess pie recipe, but figured I'd start with the classic.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Oh, yeah, I forgot...what with all the...ahem...scenery.

Lemon chess pie is like a slice straight off God's banquet table.

Bev said...

I am a Chess Pie virgin. First Moon Pies, now this. I'm starting to feel like some sort of food n00b.

Looks like a pretty simple recipe! Maybe I'll give it a shot and edu-ma-cate myself.

Oh, and that last pic is highly offensive. Hrumph.


Elliott said...

All these varieties. First coconut, then chocolate, now lemon! I might be on track with my resolution to eat more pie this year.

Bev, sadly I think there's a lot of food we missed out on in childhood, growing up north of the Mason Dixon line. And I love the simplicity of the recipe, that's one of the things that draws me to custards.

And as for the last picture, she may not be fondling prehistoric reptiles, but she's still a human being and deserves a place on the Internet...

Sarah J. Bradley said...

Now I want Chess Pie! Since Tom's unemployed, maybe he'll make me one! (I'm terrible at pie crust, I buy the pillsbury crusts and get lots of compliments! LOL!)

Elliott said...

Sarah - I prefer Pet Ritz, only because they're already in the pie tin and I don't have to do ANY work to make them ready.

Nej said...

Chess Pie? I've not heard of such a thing. Must investigate. :-)

I learned how to play chess, so I understand the general rules. It's kinda like when someone asks me if I play golf, and I tell them that I own clubs.

1) Looked it up. Didn't know that one at all.
2) War Games
3) Blazing Saddles
4) Looked it up, haven't seen the movie. (still)
5) I also had to look this one up. Now that I know who he is...yep, it makes sense.
6) Blazing Saddles again, yes?
7) I knew he played chess...but I'm not coming up with a movie. It's probably really obvious, isn't it?

Nej said...

The chick in the last picture looks familiar. She related to what's her face from House?

Elliott said...

The recipe I used for chess pie is posted in the 1/17 post, you'll get there. Highly recommend it.

You only got two of the questions right, but that's more than the non-guessers. I sent you feedback.

And I have no idea who the woman in the last photo is, other than a nudie playing chess. And that's all I have to know.

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