Thursday, December 31, 2009

Random Acts of Thursday - My Low Resolution Makes Me Blurry

I have never been one for New Year's Resolutions. I cannot resolve to do less of the bad things and more of the good things, my willpower just doesn't roll that way. However, I can resolve the following:

I resolve to be nerdier than ever in 2010. Put your thinking caps on, there are quizzes to be answered and perhaps more prizes to be won.

I resolve to be as amusing as I can possibly be to satisfy the needs of you, dear readers. More reminiscing about the fat kid I was, and more amusing anecdotes from the fat guy I am.

I resolve to eat more pie. We're less than a month away from National Pie Day, you know...

I resolve to go on being as perfect as I already am.
Here's wishing you a safe and happy New Year's Eve. Remember, it's amateur night. Designated drivers and couch crashing are the in thing.


calicobebop said...

Love your resolutions! I look forward to the nerdy-pie-eating future. Awesome.

Sarah J. Bradley said...

Hey Elliott! Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to the nerdier, more amusing you in 2010, although I'm not sure we mere mortals can handle a nerdier, more amusing, more perfect version of you! I'm so glad you're doing this blog, because it gives me a reason to laugh every time I read it! Cheers to you and Lori!

Cary said...

I shall join you in resolving to eat more pie, sir. Life is too short not to eat more pie.

These are all fine, fine resolutions. Well done!

Samsmama said...

Love all the resolutions! Looking forward to more posts from you, friend!

Enjoy your New Years Eve. Our asses will be firmly planted on the couch, quite possibly watching "Pulp Fiction".

Elliott said...

Thanks to weather delays in Atlanta, we will be ringing in the new year in the air. Does anyone suppose they'll break out the high-priced airline champagne?

Samsmama said...

Oh, that sucks. Mile high club? Just a thought.

Elliott said...

Calico, Cary, pie is the reason they invented resolutions. Isn't it?

Sarah, I'm glad my writing brings you joy. Joy, maniacal laughter, to-may-toe, to-mah-toe.

Samsmama, thanks for the idea, maybe next trip.

Laura said...

My oldest nerd is gonna love that resolution cartoon, ha! I'm all up for some pie in 2010. Mmmmmm, pie. Happy New Year!

dogimo said...

Dude, you're really not all that fat.

Elliott said...

According to the medical industry, I'm about 80 pounds overweight. According to a medical industry NOT run by heroin-chic supermodels, I could still stand to lose 40 or 50. I just carry it well, and most of it is right around my middle.

But thank you.

Nej said...

Happy New Year!!!

We rang that new year bell while in the air as well. We're always an hour off, being in the central time zone, while the ball drops on the East Coast....but to make matters worse, we flew to Denver. Talk about messing with your head. Which New Year to we celebrate.

All three...that was my answer! :-)

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