Friday, January 8, 2010

Fun Fact Friday - I'm blushing as I write this

Made you look.
I heard a news story earlier this week that after exhaustive study of over 1800 women, all twins, at King's College in London, they have determined that the G-Spot is a myth, physically speaking. I love the concept of this survey. It sounds like the 'plot' from some bad 70's porn movie, something the Brough twins would have had some involvement in. You can almost see the bad handlebar mustaches as you read this, I know.

The Grafenberg Spot (or G-Spot) was named in honor of Ernst Grafenberg, a German doctor who spent years studying female genetalia (who hasn't?) after starting his career as an opthamalogist. Do you suppose he was able to look his patients in the eye? Personally, I think that's quite the career shift.
I like to think the g-spot is psychological, rather than physiological. But ultimately, if something feels good, does it have to have a name?

Interestingly, there are doctors who insist they can accentuate or enhance the g-spot, and probably making a fortune doing so.

I think I got into the wrong line of work.

And as a bonus, it's time for another Dead Wrestler Trading Card! Collect them all! Brag to your friends!

I figured, since we're talking about mythical sexual anatomy, why not pick someone who looks like she DEFINITELY doesn't have a g-spot. The Fabulous Moolah was a pioneer in early women's wrestling, with a career spanning four decades. And her signature finishing move was the 'School Girl', as long as we're discussing bad '70s porn plots.


Anonymous said...

Dude, this post made me L quite literally OL. I only wish there were a context in which it was appropriate for me to steal the line: "a German doctor who spent years studying female genetalia (who hasn't?)"

Sadly, the fact that I'm a woman and my relative dearth of conversation about German anatomy doctors sort of slims the chances...

Elliott said...'re Not That Kind of Girl! You could be, for a day, the kind of girl who talks about female anatomy like a German doctor...

Bev said...

Ok, the first photo of the BW doctor made me giggle!

I have always suspected that the g-spot was myth! It's nice to have science backing me up.

calicobebop said...

From opthamology to researching the g-spot... Somebody must have been pretty darn motivated!

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Here's an amusing look at the study.

I actually read a story on CNN today that they might take down non-prescreened comments on their blogs and news stories because someone was offended by the comments on the g-spot myth story.

The comment in question was someone backing it up with a personal account about how each woman is different...blah blah blah...

Apparently, some readers took this to be TMI and offensive. HOWEVER...they certainly weren't offended enough to NOT read the story in the first place.

As for TMI...I read the comment and, I must say, it pales in comparison, my friends, to half the stories I've told.

Elliott said...

Bev, the doctor in the pic is the man himself, Ernst Grafenberg. I might have to go as him for next Halloween...

Calico, there's some serious motivation, for sure.

Mjenks, great cartoon, though we all know that's not true...and what can I say about the article comments? Some people are just squeemish, some people just spend their lives looking for things to bitch about.

Sarah J. Bradley said...

Elliott: First of all, would you PLEASE warn the coffee drinkers out here to set down our cups before we read your blog? I did the mother of all spit takes and now I have coffee stains on EVERYTHING! LOL!

Second, I'm going to have to put this out there, since none of your other female readers seem to have done so: Ahem: The King's College study does not disprove the existence of a female G-spot. All that study proves is that men need actual written directions to find it and, as the old adage goes, "Men won't stop to ask for directions." LOL!

However, on a different note, I remember watching that female wrestler...Sundays, we'd all but RUN HOME from church to see wrestling. I'm thinking that explains why I can't concentrate in church now. LOL!

Gwen said...

Maybe it's just that TWINS don't have a g-spot. Maybe they lost it in the sharing of all that DNA.

dogimo said...

These scientists and researchers all need to speak for themselves. I have an ENORMOUS g-spot.

Elliott said...

Sarah, sadly laughter is subjective. If I put a coffee-spitting disclaimer on something, wouldn't that just raise expectations, subsequently raising the possibility that you'd be disappointed if I wasn't, in fact, java-spewingly funny?

And as a man, I resent the implication that we don't ask for directions. I will ALWAYS ask for directions if I somehow think I'm suddenly in a different state or country.

I never saw her wrestle, I didn't get into wrestling until high school so I missed a lot of the greats.

Gwen, they were saying much of their evidence came from one twin claiming a g-spot when the other had no such thing. Still very subjective, but if they share DNA, I'd expect that they share everything.

Stuart said...

Know the difference between a g-spot and a golf ball? Most guys will spend 20 minutes looking for a golf ball. *ahem*

wv: oblea - many a reaction to that joke

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