Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Number 4 - Crunchy Frog (updated)

A little one, yes. Not even sealed in a succulent Swiss quintuple smooth treble cream milk chocolate envelope and lovingly frosted with glucose. Just a little frog, frozen to my pool deck yesterday morning.

And then when I got home from work and took the Dammit outside, there was another. Lori informs me that one has managed to move a whopping ten feet during the day. But the little one has entered a hibernatory (or dead) state right on my pool deck, where I found him yesterday morning.

I know that in my general state of 'All God's Creatures, Great and Small', that it's probably wrong of me to giggle with delight. But that hasn't stopped me. These are the same frogs that inhabit my patio umbrella all summer long, that keep me up all night with their croaking, that are covered in poisonous slime and coat my entire pool with their sticky, slimy black eggs.

Take that, nature.


Both frogs in question are dead, Jim. As is the third one, frozen mid-leap and stuck to the solar cover of the pool. I'll have to take on the unsavory task tonight of frog disposal, including likely removal of additional frogcicles from under the closed umbrella.


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

If they're frozen, shouldn't be an issue. Just pick them up and chuck them.

It's when they've been left to rot for a while when things get...well, not sticky, but definitely a lot more gross. And smelly.

Bev said...

"Frogsicle!" HAHA!! Love it.

My house is in a woodsy area, so I can appreciate those "Take that, Nature!" moments all too well. This story reminds me of being a kid and finding bird legs frozen to the horse's electrified fence. The little dismembered bird carcass was on the ground below the fence, but the bird legs were just standing there, still clutching the wire.

Good luck with the frog disposal!

calicobebop said...

Oh Lord - I've never seen a frozen frog before. Can you take a picture? I'm morbidly curious!

I wish the bugs would freeze. grrr...

Mala said...

Wait? did I miss #3, #2, and #1 of the frozen frog saga?

Elliott said...

Calico, I've asked Lori to go out and take pictures while it's still light out.

Mala, go here for an explanation of the title:

And yes, Bev, chastise away, since I know you gave me the HTML code to make that into a clicky, but I don't seem to know where I put it.

Nej said...

I actually asked my hubby the other day (a fireman/paramedic)..."Honey, have they found any bodies in the snow banks yet?"

It's a sad day when that's not a strange question to ask.

They (respectfully, of course) refer to them as bum-cicles.

Frozen frogs would make me laugh (and then feel bad about it) as well.

Poor things.


carissajaded said...

Awww I'm so sad for your frogs. I guess not yours perse... But still, damn you mother nature!

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