Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fun Fact(ish) Pie Day

So I was remiss yesterday, and left you dear souls factless. I hope, despite the sadness and hand-wringing this caused you that you remembered to save your fork. Because today, there's pie!
Ah, yes, National Pie Day is upon us. And I would be a failure, dear reader, if I didn't find a way to make the greatest holiday of all a little nerdier for you.
Pie has made appearances throughout children's rhymes my entire life. Four-and-twenty blackbirds baked into one. Mmmm, crow-y. Charming Billy's quest to find a wife, where one of the criteria was her ability to bake a cherry pie. Of course, when I looked up the lyrics to make sure I wasn't mistaken, apparently she also needed the ability to spin. I love the wide-eyed innocence we had as children, whereas now I have to wonder if 'bake a cherry pie' is a euphemism.

Jack Horner? Christmas pie.

Simple Simon? He encounters a pie man, the penniless little moron.
Those naughty kittens lost their mittens, and probably got a beating instead of pie. Because those were the times we lived in when that was written.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get pie for breakfast.


Lori said...

Happy Pie Day Sweetie!

I wish I were home to share this very special day with you. All this talk of pie just may inspire me to bake your favorite once I get home! Love you...miss you!

dogimo said...

Happy Belated Pie Day! It almost totally slipped my mind in the confusion of general saturdayness! But then I awoke to the occasion, and I ran out special just to get any enjoy delicious pie.

You know, the nursery rhyme "Simple Simon" is almost wholly responsible for my fondness for the word "wares," and for anything which has been described to me as "wares."

There should be Happy Belated Pie Day greeting cards.

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