Monday, December 21, 2009

Movie Mania Monday - Dance, sugar plum faeries

Christmas is nearly upon us! I'm sick of holiday ads, I'm apparently the only person NOT offended by The Gap this year, I simply don't understand the Kindle ad, the WalMart commercial with the kids eating all of the frosting is just wrong, and I've gotten sick of watching the same three Food Network holiday specials. I missed most of Mark Morris' 'The Hard Nut', my favorite version of Tchaikovsky's composition. I'm bordering on humbugdom, but I'll forge through. I made a ham for dinner Sunday night, I've avoided every version of 'Its a Wonderful Life', and we fly to Wisconsin tomorrow afternoon. Merry Christmas to me.

Voici la quote de la semaine de Noel! Remember the rules. First person to guess correctly the original source of the quote wins a prize - no movie characters quoting other movies. No Googling or asking Santa, either you know the quote or you don't. The prize is a Major Award and consists of the people's ovation and fame forever (and the title of Iron Quote-Guesser):

Some children wish for things they couldn't possibly use.

Allez guessing!!!

And yes, I know this posted Sunday night. There was an incident. Just pretend you didn't notice, okay?


Samsmama said...

Oh, SNAP!!! Not only do I know this one (because I just caught part of it) but I'm the first one here. It really is a holiday miracle. A miracle on 34th street!
Color me thrilled!!!

Pearl said...


I was gonna say that!!!


p.s. WV is "whine". :-)

Bev said...

I would have gotten this one wrong and guessed Charlie & The Chocolate Factory! Good thing Samsmama scooped me before I could make a fool of myself. A FOOL, I tell you!

I'm with you on the Humbugdom, but I'm trying to fake it till I make it for the sake of my kids. Still. BAH.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

The kindle is dumb.

Wait for the first upgrade to the Nook's software and go that route.

Not'm promoting anything. *shifty-eyed* Gotta go.

Sarah J. Bradley said...

You're not the only one offended by the Gap ads, Elliott. I was first in our house and the other day Hannah was grousing about the 4 year olds they have being snotty about the clothes they're not going to wear. (Yeah, but try and get her to wear something SHE doesn't want to wear! LOL!) I loathe GAP, but I LOVE the add where the father is hooking up the TV and his butt is on the screen. That one makes me laugh every time.

Personally, I'm hoping Santa brings me "White christmas" on DVD so I can watch it Ad Nauseum in my own room and not have to listen to the children, "You're wathing this AGAIN?"

Safe trip!

tracey said...

i'm with short bus bev - i was going to guess charlie & the chocolate factory, but that's not a holiday movie is it?

Nej said...

" real locomotives or B-29s."

Humbugdom - great word!!!

Hmmmm...I haven't seen the GAP ad, haven't seen the Wally World ad, and I haven't seen the Kindle ad......DVR rocks! :-)

@ mjenks - Nook's? Researching getting Mot a Kindle...but there's just something about it that keeps me from pulling the trigger. :-)

Elliott said...

I could have sworn I commented back on this to congratulate Samsmama already, but congratulations!

Pearl - cheese with your whine?

Bev, I can see that, it just would have been wrong. No shame in that. Guessing is still participation and that's better than lurking. And I will clarify that Tracey, not me, made the short-bus reference.

Tracey, I actually seem to remember Willy Wonka being on at Easter every year when I was a child, so I could make that association.

Mjenks, I'll have to take a look at the Nook. Lori likes the Kindle on paper, I'm hopelessly devoted to my Sony Reader.

And Sarah, I'm actually NOT offended by the Gap ads. Some people have too much time on their hands if they're going to be offended by commercials.

I'm with Nej, and will get the DVR as soon as possible. And thanks for completing the quote, I left that off since I thought it made the quote too obvious.

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