Monday, December 28, 2009

Movie Mania Monday - Real locomotives and B29's

Here's hoping you had a wonderful holiday week, (Not A Wonderful Life, Frank Capra be damned.) and congratulations to Samsmama, who correctly identified last week's quote from A Miracle on 34th Street.

Welcome now to this week's quote! Remember the rules. First person to guess correctly the original source of the quote wins a prize - no movie characters quoting other movies. No Googling or asking Jeeves, either you know the quote or you don't. The prize is a Major Award and consists of the people's ovation and fame forever (and the title of Iron Quote-Guesser):

You know I like the rough stuff, don't you?

Allez guessing!!!


rkl said...

The Ghost of Christmas Present in Scrooged

Elliott said...

Wow, first guess!

rkl said...


Nej said...

LOVE that movie!!!!

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