Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunny Funday Foto Festivus

We already know I have the photographic skills of a deformed tree sloth with the DT's. Well, thanks to Bev, you get to visit some of the other shortcomings in my life. Namely, my 'office'.

I've mentioned this elsewhere, but there's a reason I do most of my writing on the laptop, either sitting at the coffee table in front of the television or at the kitchen table. Having a secure wireless network in the house is a great blessing.

Yes, in lieu of a desk, I was typing on top of my (fully stocked) wine storage fridge.

In the closet of my office.

I don't take all the blame for this, though I suppose it is much my fault. I am a hoarder, though I reduced the number of useless things I save before we moved to Florida. Doesn't change the fact that we don't have a basement.

This pile consists of both Lori's and my collected library of a few hundred volumes, many hardcovers; many of my childhood collections; Lori's lighting rig for when she converts her office to studio space; assorted holiday decorations (including enough ornaments to decorate five trees), extra kitchen chairs, luggage, drapes, unhung artwork, empty bins...
And portions of my bone collection.

Feel free to revel in my crapulence. I do have a desk, it's currently in a dozen pieces in the garage until I can get it sanded, polished and laquered. Eventually, there will be 'after' pictures. Prepare to be amazed, just don't prepare too quickly. For contrast, check out Lori's office just so you know we're not just crazy 'shack-and-manifesto' people.

On a completely unrelated note, is it just me, or are they running Christmas ads earlier than normal this year? Couple that overload with yesterday's 80-plus sunny, breezy weather, and I'll be lucky to get in the holiday spirit at all come December.

Serenity now.


Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Looks like the before images for Clean House's America's Messiest Homes. Just kidding. It looks like my garage.

A deformed tree sloth with the DTs?! Holy cow. I love that.

Yes, I'm kinda with you on the hot weather and Christmas spirit. I am trying though this year to get all jolly. We'll see.

Happy Sunday~!

P.S. Your WV is anglo...hee, hee.

Bev said...

You are a brave, brave man! I can't even LOOK at my own crapulance, much less revel in it. It's safely in the basement, where I hardly ever go. Also, don't ever open a closet door in my house. You've been warned.

Thanks for posting your pics!! I'll link you up tomorrow, snookums.

Elliott said...

Okay, yes, the room is bad. However, it is only one room. Eventually I will have the time and need to pare the collections down further (but not the bones).

Mala said...

ELLIOTT - MY SOULMATE!!!!! Now I don't feel so badly. Thank you. However, now I feel a bit shameful for bitching about the limited space in my cubby... at least I haven't been reduced to typing on a minibar, NTTAWWT.

And is that an Opus doll????

WV is "aresses"... If my husband, or anyone else, bitches about my messy desk, I'm gonna kick their aresses!

Elliott said...

Mala, thanks. And yes, that is Opus.

Samsmama said...

How you manage to produce such wonderful blog posts (and comments) under those conditions is nothing short of miraculous. I'm organizing a fundraiser for you. Things must change. But, hey, at least there's lots of wine.

Elliott said...

While I would never discourage people from sending me money, the state of my 'office' is the reason I work most often at my coffee table, sitting on the family room floor, unless the dammit is being overly-insistent, in which case I move to the kitchen table.

The next office will be more office-y, I am on a quest to create my 'happy place' so I can actually write more than five paragraphs and call it complete. There still are all those books that require re-writing and completion, brain-intensive work I just can't do in my current workspace.

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