Friday, November 13, 2009

Fun Fact Friday the 13th - Good luck with that

How lucky could anything that follows 'Rock-a-Hula Baby' be? Since Elvis Presley's 'Good Luck Charm' reached number one back in 1962, I'd say pretty lucky. But, really. 'Rock-a-Hula Baby' sounds like something that should be in the juke box at my local Waffle House, next to 'Waffle House Hashbrowns, I Love You'. Really, that one's in there, along with 'There are raisins in my toast', 'Waffle Do Wop' and about 20 other WH-themed songs. I do love that the 'b' side is 'Anything that's part of you'. As if this was an answer when asked just what part is the good luck charm. Can't you just see Elvis sawing up bodies, perhaps humming 'Love Me Tender' as he carefully separates the joints? Or is that just me?It bothers me that airplanes don't have a 13th row, and that my last hotel glaringly went from floor 12 to 14. This is irrational. Generally speaking, I don't have a fear of the number 13, I don't carry good luck charms or amulets or tokens, though as a kid I had a weird, bony yellow rabbit's foot. I could do extensive research on why they're considered lucky in this day and age of modern science and technology, but ultimately that bores me. The fact that I can still buy them in a myriad of colors does not.
If you really need to get your nerd on today, click here to find out why 13 is unlucky. I can never hope to top the Straight Dope and would never deign to paraphrase.

I suppose this is Fun Fact Lite, so here are a few things that amuse me, maybe in the process you'll forget that today's post was mostly content-free.

Happy Friday.


That Kind of Girl said...

1) I had NO IDEA that there is no row 13 on airplanes! Learn something new every day...

2) The pictures of those dyed rabbits made me really sad. You can tell that whoever adopts them doesn't really want a pet -- they just want a cute Easter novelty.

3) omg straight dope -- aaahh Friday unproductivity spiral. Every time I enter that site, I don't reemerge for days!

calicobebop said...

OMG - bacon. Bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, BACON!

It's meat candy.

Elliott said...

TKOG - first, messing with the row numbers is just cruel, since they tell you to count the rows by touch if crawling out of a smoking, flaming plane. How many people are going to pass the exit row this way, thinking they need to include row 13? Second, sweet, delicious Easter novelty. Third, the SD is completely time-sucking in a fun, happy way. (It's unlikely that anyone has ever been tickled to death, though I learned some unsavory things about goats...)

Calico - bacon. 'Nuf said. I probably have more posts about bacon than anything else, including an 'Ode to Bacon' written a few Fridays ago.

I might need to seek help.

Samsmama said...

I'm not at all supersitious either. And you have a very valid point about the airplane rows. It would never cross my mind to leave out the number 13. And? I once flew on September 11th (2004) and couldn't get over how many people seemed terrified.

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