Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's a Thanksgiving Miracle!

Not really, just sane booking. We fly out to Vegas in a few hours, and our flight change is actually ALONG THE ROUTE from Tampa to Vegas. Like someone planned it.

What are the odds?

Last time I flew Phoenix to Tampa, I changed planes in Philadelphia. Oooh, THAT'S direct. Likewise with my flight from Milwaukee to Kansas City, via Atlanta.
Click here for a map if you're confused by why this might cause me stress.

Wherever you're going, have a safe journey this weekend, even if it's just across town or across the kitchen. And feel free to vent about your worst flight connections here. Really, it will help the healing begin.
You can then be thankful tomorrow.


That Kind of Girl said...

That is a miracle! When I was living in Vegas, airlines would always try to give me the worst connections. Once I had to fly Vegas --> San Francisco via PHOENIX.

Glad the travel fates have smiled on you in a rare fit of holiday kindness!

Stuart said...

Don't you just love that? Many years ago I had to fly to Denver (from Sacramento). The direct flight cost close to $400. A flight from Sacramento to St. Louis with a plane change in Denver cost about $260, so I booked that flight, took only carry-on luggage, and just got off the plane in Denver.

The airline found out and said I couldn't do that. I asked why not. They said I just. Simply. Couldn't. Oh, okay, I replied. Then I guess I didn't. Yeah.

Anyway, travel safeishly and have a great holiday!

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