Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sick days aren't all they're cracked up to be

At least when you're actually sick.
(no, not THAT kind of fever)

I'm in a fog, a malaise, a brain-cloud of sorts. At least the stabbing, doubled-over-in-abdominal-pain thing is gone, so there's that, but the fever is overrated as a symptom. Sure, it makes watching any television a surreal experience. However, the fever also means that every fleeting thought I have is gone before I can remember to write it down. Again, not a bad thing, since it's likely they're psychadelic, creepy and altogether incoherent thoughts.
So I guess this means you win today!

Or so you'd think, but this means my brain does random things and I try too hard.

For example, there's this video. It runs the line between cool and dangerous, and I really REALLY want one of these things.

Then there's these little gems. The first one is courtesy of That Kind of Girl. Samsmama, the second one is just. For. You.

Sorry, I'll do better tomorrow to dazzle and amaze you. Meanwhile, you can go back and try your hand at the Random Acts of Thursday quiz from a few weeks ago.
Have to go now though, I just spilled soy sauce all over the carpet.


carissajaded said...

Hope you start to feel better!!! Hope it's not the swine

That WTF blanket is seriously priceless!!

Gwen said...

Awww, Easy E! Feel better soon, luv.

The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

rest up, we miss you!

sincerely, your groupies-er-fans

Samsmama said...

"Fire hand" is badass! But things like that never end well.

Paper towels would make an excellent Christmas gift. Too bad they are only available in stores.

Mock my Snuggie all you like it, but I'm wearing it right now. That commercial is hilarious! That guy's voice cracks me up!

Elliott said...

I mock not the snuggie, and was actually shocked to see a generic 'sleeved blanket' for $60 recently.

Whenever I see the Snuggie, I think of you.

...and the Night In, among others.

Stuart said...

Buck up, little cramper! Hope you feel better soon.

And I am SO going to build a Prometheus Device. Oh hell yes. I have the time and the skills. Just need the parts.

And money for bail.

And skin grafts.

Samsmama said...

Stuart, Stu...don't even think about it! I've already lost one friend to fire this week.

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