Sunday, November 8, 2009

I don't like to talk about my flair...

Since I shared my office earlier today (and since I think my readers might be planning an intervention...), I felt it only balanced to show Lori's office as well, the office where she spends 50-60 hours a week. She insists that it's a cluttered mess, but given the paper-intensive nature of her day job, I think it looks just fine.
I'm also proud of my handiwork with the panelling.
Can't take credit for the paint, though, my painting skills are like my photography skills. That's actually a beautiful chocolate pudding brown over white, with white cabinets, off-white carpeting and an espresso-finish desk. The guest chairs (that I missed in my photograph, somehow) are a pale blue, chocolate brown and tan leaf print.


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

As a man whose hung some wainscoting, I appreciate the fine job you did there on the paneling. Kudos and well done.

Samsmama said...

Love her office! My husband attempted to paint a room in his bachelor pad a chocolate color, but it looked like poop all over the walls. The white panelling is gorgeous!

Bev said...

Gorgeous! You rocked that paneling job. Love her cute little Mac, too.

Elliott said...

We really enjoyed how the paneling turned out, there was a lot of careful measuring to make that work around the whole room with the staggered spacing.

Samsmama, not all brown paint is created equal. This was a really nice color, and certainly not poop-toned.

Bev, actually it's a Dell Inspiron laptop with a 17" monitor. I would have gotten one for myself, though not in hot pink...

Stuart said...

Every time I see wainscot, I have to say to myself -

"Wainscot! Wainscot!

Party Time! Excellent!

Whwrooo Whwrooo Whwrooo!"


Now you will too.


wv - Coluci - the brand name for toxic cosmetics marketed by the chick who plays Erica Kane

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