Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just one of those days

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Not that vacation days shouldn't be, but this was a rare, nearly exquisite summer day in Florida. The sun was shining, it wasn't deathly humid, and it didn't decide to rain until we were finally in the house for the night. Took a nice drive and had lunch with a friend's parents, in town to pick up a pristine car they got off of eBay.

Today, there were stray dogs in the conservancy with unknown intentions, which really upset the Dammit Dog. I did tell him that if he really wanted to be stray, it could be arranged. It is pouring ouside, and the ceiling next to my cubicle is dripping into the trash can that's been collecting the drips for weeks now, each drop making that quaint 'ploop' sound. There is no excitement, no anticipation, that the day could still get better, and I still have eight hours left.

Ah, vacation days. What would we do without them?

(Am I being a downer? Maybe you should stop reading this and go venture a guess at the movie quote contest. Just sayin.)


Samsmama said...

Is this the same ceiling tile that was leaking awhile back? Near the light fixture? I'm scared for you. And I took a vacation day on Friday and I'm super excited!

Elliott said...

It is dripping from the hole that used to contain the ceiling tile that fell a few weeks ago, it is saturating the tile next to it (and closer to my desk), dripping around the light fixture it shorted out, and dripping from another light two desks over.

Vacation days rock, are you doing something fun (besides not working)?

Samsmama said...

Your office sounds lovely.

It's my baby's 5th birthday, so it's up to him. No telling what we're gonna do!

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