Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Raindrops keep falling on my head...

Yes, I know I'm mixing movies. Could be worse, though. Could be raining.

(everybody sing!)...and if the roof keeps leaking I'll have ceiling tiles on my HEAD! (loud and off-key, now!) But, I'm never gonna stop the rain by complaining.

So I haven't actually been hit yet, but the ceiling tile three feet from my desk came crashing down in a soggy heap while I was on the phone with a client yesterday. It hasn't even rained today, but we're still dripping from the gaping hole due to yesterday's downpour. I'm tracing the water stains across the remaining tiles, and the water seems to be moving toward the giant fluorescent fixture above my desk. If it goes beyond that before they finally get someone to fix this round of leaks (because yes, there have been and still are others), I will, in all likelihood, be taking a tile to the head sometime in the first half of August.

In case I haven't mentioned it before, it rains a lot here. Almost daily during the summer months, meaning I don't bring the bike to work, the lawn needs mowing twice a week, and frogs lay copius amounts of eggs in my pool at night.

Generally speaking though, this week has been the nicest so far this summer. Not too hot, not overly humid, suprisingly, so I can bear being outside for more than 15 seconds at a crack.

However, it will get worse again soon, I'm sure of it. And that's what's worrying me.


Bev said...

I LOVE Young Frankenstein! ("it's Frahnkenshteen!") I could quote it all the live-long day.

Anyway, sorry you almost had the sky fall on you! I had no idea that frogs laid eggs in swimming pools, but then again, I've never lived further south than southern NH. Eesh. I need to get out more!

Samsmama said...

I would seriously consider wearing a helmet while at your desk. A falling ceiling coupled with a flourescent light could do some real damage to your melon.

That concludes this portion of "Helpful Tips from Samsmama."

Elliott said...

Not that the eggs will ever do any good, since I suck them all into the pool filter when I turn it back on in the morning, but standing water is standing water to them, and they get their humpy little froggy freak on all night long outside our bedroom window. F**king frogs...

I actually want to put up one of the portable canopies, or at least a big blue tarp. Of course, I'm sure the fluorescent light isn't doing me any favors, even if it doesn't land on my head.

Sarah J. Bradley said...

Yep, this is why I stay in the Upper Midwest. I can deal with 'skeeters, but frogs, no thanks!

And yes, you should wear a helmet to work. We can't have your genius lost to a leaky roof. (Ironically, are you seeing the ads at the right of your blog? Roof tile and ceiling tiles! LOL!)

Anonymous said...

I love frogs. And toads for that matter. We have resident toads that come out every night at my house. I always talk to them... Papa, Mama and the little babies. Oh so cute. Until you pick them up and they piss on me... that's not nice.

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