Monday, August 10, 2009

Movie Mania Monday - presented in Odorama!

Woo, boy, another weekend come and gone. Because I'm on the road this week and flew into Baltimore yesterday, I felt it only fair to honor the great John Waters this week. Remember the rules. First person to guess correctly the original source of the quote wins a prize - no movie characters quoting other movies. The prize consists of the people's ovation and fame forever (and maybe the title of Iron Quote-Guesser), but if you give me creative, inexpensive and generally humorous ideas, that may change. However, even if you win, don't become an asshole. I beg of you, do not become an asshole.

This week's quote should hopefully be an easy one:

"It's the times. They are a-changin'. Something's blowing in the wind. Fetch me my diet pills, would you?"

Guess away, faithful followers!

Oh, and since nobody guessed it last week, no prizes for you: "Things to do in Denver when you're dead". Great title, so-so movie though it warrants multiple viewings, and some of the best lines are uttered by minor characters.


Samsmama said...

So again I had to google it and again I haven't seen it. Give me some credit for being honest. That sort of levels out how lame I am.

And I read that we'd get "ovulation". Guess what's on my brain...

Elliott said...

The people's ovulation. Count me out.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember the rules... but isn't the movie Hairspray?

Elliott said...

Ding ding ding ding ding!!!! Divine, we hardly knew ye.

Courtney has gained the people's ovation and fame forever, or at least until Monday, when the new contest begins. Remember, if you can come up with a better, more amusing prize, I'm open to suggestion.

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