Friday, August 21, 2009

Fun Fact Friday - Lederhosen on Ice

We have a pair of maintenance guys at our office. I finally asked someone their real names, since it seemed wrong for everyone to keep calling them Frick and Frack. However, any time I hear these nonsensical names, I have to wonder where it originated.

Frick and Frack were, apparently, were comedic Swiss ice skaters. Just the term 'comedic Swiss ice skaters' is enough to make me giggle. It's a manly giggle, really. Like Homer. They started skating in the U.S. as a team in 1937, Werner Groebli as Frick, and Hans Rudolf Mauch as Frack, the two skated together for more than 20 years before Frack was forced to retire.
Even better, their signature moves, the cantilever spread-eagle and the rubber legs, sound like thinly veiled euphemisms.


Harmony said...

I didn't giggle. Nope. I choked on coffee, spit some on the floor, and then died laughing. Cantilever spread-eagle you say? Hmmmm

Bev said...

I got yer rubber legs right here!

Ha! Frick and Frack. If I ever own cats again, those will be their names.

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