Sunday, August 2, 2009

The sun at the beach

So, no recipe today. We had the AC fixed in the truck yesterday, so the world of super-hot Florida was our oyster. Took a great drive out to Fort DeSoto Park, incredible beach (#1 rated in the nation four years ago) and the gulf was bathwater warm. Growing up, my only context for swimming in the great outdoors was Lake Michigan, where you were done swimming when you couldn't feel your legs any more, so this was quite the event for me. My parents informed me tonight that Lake Michigan is up to a balmy 65 degrees. Ahhh, refreshing.

The park has some awesome campsites, too, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, your box fan blowing on high so you don't steam cook overnight in your tent. We miss camping, but this is NOT Florida's tent camping season.

Even better than the park, though, was our side trip through one of the nicer deed-restricted waterfront subdivisions in south Pinellas. At which point, we discovered the best. Mailbox. Ever.

I have to state here that Lori took this photo. Note that it is perfectly centered, a sure sign I had nothing to do with it.

I realize that deed restrictions aren't standard across the board, and other people have mailboxes held by manatees and dolphins and alligators, but come on. Best. Mailbox. Ever. Did I mention that? In the land of Jose Gaspar, where pirates invade the city once a year and the pirate's galleon resides downtown year-round, it's tough to find someone who might be taking the area traditions a tad TOO seriously.

At least their friends don't have to look too hard for the house on their first visit.


Samsmama said...

In the year that I lived in Florida I saw more dolphin shaped mailboxes than I care to count. I often entertained the idea of purchasing one before we moved back. To Kansas. Surely that wouldn't have been weird.

That, my friend, is one awesome mailbox. And I'm sure a male commenter would "go there" and say something like, "I'd love to leave some MALE in her BOX."

You're welcome.

Bev said...

Dude, Samsmama beat me to it, and I am not even a guy. The shaaaaaaaame.

Yes, I was gonna say something about sticking something in her mail box... or slot. Heh heh.

The Daily Wit said...

I would never say something as lude as Samamama or Bev would say. Ever.

But I do have to comment that I love a mailbox you can masturbate to.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

That be the finest pirate booty I've ever seen.

I heard today that the triathlon in Milwaukee caused a case of mild hypothermia in some of the contestants while on the swimming leg of the competition. Ah, nothing like swimming in Lake Michigan.

Elliott said...

Smama - I think you should commission the first John Brown mailbox -

Bev - you gals with your dirty minds. I wasn't even thinking such things. Thanks for the assist! Now I think I need to go back and work in the lewd, suggestive mailbox pose into a photo.

DW - How could you not? I wonder if that made it into the deed restrictions.

MJ - Thankfully, Milwaukee has been bereft of rain for the last month, otherwise the hypothermia would have been the least of their worries.

Anonymous said...

I fucking love pirates... Do me a favor and find out where they got that thing, I so want one for my house....

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