Thursday, August 26, 2010

Random Acts of Thursday - Elementary, my dear Watson!

I've been remiss.

Several weeks ago, I waxed (on, wax off) about the chronological advance of my childhood crushes.  Somehow, I neglected to include Jodie Foster on that list.  Also in that episode, despite mentioning Phoebe Cates, I failed to post the quintessence of Phoebiness, her Fast Times bikini shot.

I'm here to rectify that.
I've also been lacking in the movie and music trivia department of late. 

I'm here to rectify that.

Wait, this doesn't cut it?  Fine, then.

Something that bothers me regularly, if you'll forgive the lack of segue, is our nation's need to endlessly remake films.  Sure, there are some original ideas out there, but really, did The Karate Kid cry out for a Jackie Chan remake?  Pat Morita must be rolling over in his grave.  ( Pat Morita dead?  I should probably check that out...)  And if they're not remakes of old movies, old TV shows, or bad Saturday morning cartoons, they're sequels, which I always assume are bad.  Saves me going to the movies, my couch is far more comfortable.

It's as though we can't come up with original ideas.  I have lots of original ideas, myself, but few of them ever see completion.  I'm recruiting, Crappy Unfinished Novel Time needs more creative input.  I'll keep posting my stuff, but really, anyone is welcome to contribute, free of charge.

I'm also soliciting for reader input here at the CDS.  Email me your questions, however trivial or inane.  It's called filler, people!

Also, while I've not been writing many posts lately, the larger crime is that I haven't been reading many other blogs, either.  And commenting on fewer.  I apologize to the many talented and creative writers who bless the Internet with their work.

But finally, it's quiz time!  I'll bet you thought it would never happen.
Every time it's shown on television, I get sucked into The Fifth Element.  (Happened again last Friday, when I picked up the last ten minutes.)  Besson's editing is quick and I love every minute of it.  Milla Jovovich isn't bad, either.  As far as current science is concerned, there is no 'fifth element'.  However, there are four other elements, earth, water, air and fire, that deserve equal billing. 

Therefore, onto the quiz.

1)  Name three songs (along with the performing artist) that mention earth (or some variation on the theme) in lyrics. 

2)  Ditto for fire.

3)  Ditto for air.

4)  See where we're going with this?  List three songs that mention water in some form.

5)  A question for Bob, name a song that mentions water in addition to my favorite dessert.

6)  Name five bands that reference one of the four elements in their band name.

7)  Name two bands that reference, rather than one of these elements, an element from the periodic table, as their name.

8)  Identify the band whose song about an airborne conveyance, while lyrically not qualified for an answer above, uses two elements to achieve lift.

9)  Name the author and 1962 book whose central premise is the same as the name of that band.

10)  Finally, which band released an album by the same name as the band from question 8 (mysteriously close to the time the band in question 8 took their name)?

As always, we grade on a curve here at the great and powerful CDS.  Show your work, kids!

And with special thanks to Dave Barry (along with Strunk and White) as an early influence on my sensibilities, 'Elements of Style' would be a great name for a band.  Just sayin.


MJenks said...

Actually, science widely recognizes a fifth element. It's symbol is B.

Elliott said...

You and your 'science'. Meh.

Didactic Pirate said...

Quiz too hard! Or I'm too dim.
Or I'm just too distracted by those Phoebe Cates pictures. 'Scuse me, I need to scroll back up there for a minute.

Midwestern Mama Holly said...

How funny the remake of the KARATE Kid had KUNG FU in it. Fail IMHO.

Nej said...


I haven't seen that movie in forever! I did watch a movie with her in it the other day though.....oh heck, what was the name of it? A Perfect Getaway, or something like that?

Sarah J. Bradley said...

Elliott's quizzes make my head hurt! How sad is it that in reading the questions, the only thing I could focus on is, "I love the music they play when Phoebe Cates gets out of the pool." Egads...

I'm like you, E. I haven't blogged much neither have I blog commented, and I'd like to get back to that. Unfortunately for me, the editor at Wild Rose recently LOST my submission and waited a month before she informed me of said loss. So now I'm in the early obsessive stages of waiting...again. I had just moved on to the "They're probably going to reject it so you may as well just start being productive again" stage. Darn it all!

Elliott said...

Nej, the word "Mul-ti-pahsssss" is part of our vocabulary at home. Love it.

Sarah...LOST YOUR SUBMISSION?!?!?!? That's the same as saying 'Yes, we'll publish this sight unseen', right?

As for the quiz, to which nobody has ventured a single guess, my apologies. Was I being too obtuse? Some examples...

1) Spirits in the Night - The Boss (me and crazy Janie making love in the DIRT...)

2) Fire - also Springsteen...a coincidence only. Also, she went calling Wildfire...

3) Windy - The Association

4) Love, Reign o'er Me - The Who

5) No hints here, unless you want to go back to my January 23rd post or find an early SPITWAD entry. I just asked the question so everyone would click on the picture of Bob.

6) After the Fire, anyone? What about Icehouse? I know I have odd musical taste sometimes, but I don't think I'm that obscure...

7) Quicksilver Messenger Service...

8) The Fifth Dimension

9) Madeline L'Engle - A Wrinkle in Time

10) The Birds

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