Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Elliott

One would think, that at nearly 39 years of age, I wouldn't need adult supervision at all times. However, Lori was in Cleveland for just over a week, and I clearly can't be trusted to use my own judgement.
We all know 'Classic Surly Elliott'. We love the CSE.

We do. Really.

But I gave in to compulsion last week, since there was no voice of reason giving me an exasperated look that says 'Really? I won't be seen in public with you....' Because, like Bubba Zanetti and Billy Idol, I always wanted to rock the platinum 'do.
Didn't quite get there. Sure, the NSE has a certain 'newness' about it, but I really wasn't going for the King Midas look. I just gave up after two full sessions of the strongest lightener out there. A third and I would have been 'scabby, surly Elliott'. And surly I would have been, I'm sure.
Again, let us contrast Classic Elliott Eating Pie, which we all know and love....
Versus the NEEP. Still kick-ass, and how phenomenal is Lori, that she'd humor me AND bake my favorite pie, then photograph me eating?

Quite phenomenal.

In all, I like the new look. I wish it was lighter, but it's still interesting. I just don't see me maintaining this long-term. Another few days, and I'll be two-tone. Two more weeks, I'll be due for another haircut, and it will be all but gone.

Have I mentioned that I might be the king of bad ideas?

And in case you're curious, and I know you are, dear reader: the carpet does not match the drapes. I do have some sense of judgement.


calicobebop said...

Wow! I don't have the guts for that kind of change. Oh sure, a haircut... Maybe. But rocking the platinum do? Nope, I'm a fraidy cat. Looking awesome!

Bev said...

WHHHOOOOP! A bold move, Elliott! Truly!

It's kind of cool, but I'd prefer it if you had left the beard dark. The two-tone thang is so rock star!

Rock on wit' yo' bad self. It's good to mix stuff up and get a little funky once in a while. Go YOU!

Elliott said...

Calico, the nice thing about my short hair is I can do drastic knowing I only have three weeks to dislike something. Less, if I just decide to shave my head completely. If I had to live with a bad decision for six months, I'd be far more hesitant.

Bev, wasn't sure about the beard, but if I had to do it again, I'd probably not touch it. I just didn't want to wind up with the bad Hulk Hogan blond-black-blond thing he had there for a while.

I may let it keep growing and get the Scott Ian look...(I already know the reaction I'll get when Lori Googles 'Scott Ian')

Leanne said...

Me likey.

My hair tends to turn reddish when I try to lighten it, too.

I've been thinking about going darker...

Hmmm... Scott Ian? You're not going to shave your head are you?

Elliott said...

The possibility of shaving it does exist, but then again, I worry that my head is far to knobbly to pull that off. However, since the top gets thinner and thinner anyway, it may come to that sooner rather than later.

Nej said...

So....have you had time to find out if blonds DO indeed have more fun???

ymibhdu said...

Is there a picture of you eating Lucky Charms?

Elliott said...

I always have fun, regardless of hair color. Not sure what the baseline would be.

Bobaloo, no Lucky Charms, only pie. Sweet, glorious pie. However, now that you've said something, Lori's hungry for them and I have to go and get them. Always after Lucky Charms!

carissajaded said...

I love it! I'm all about impulsive hair dye jobs. Last week I did mine a blue/black. The first time I did that- I was in a show that was televised locally. My hair looked bright blue on tv. My mom wasn't proud. But back to you, I really do dig it!

tracey said...

i like it - good for you for having the berries to do it - king midas be dammed. i got a cut last week from a new stylist - its as close to a fem mullet as you can get without actually being there. so, even if you hated it, you'd still be miles ahead of me. ; )

Elliott said...

Carissa, amusingly enough, Lori and I discussed the relative merits of going to blue next.

Tracey, I don't envy anyone with long hair. Even on those rare occasions when I got a bad haircut pre-Lorenzo, it grew out quickly enough. Now that I cut my own (Lorenzo being 1300 miles away), I can take it down to 1/4 inch any time I get sick of what it looks like.

j. said...

i cringed at the thought of how your scalp must have felt after all of that!

dogimo said...

That's a bold move, it took guts to do it and guts to post the results. But you know what? It came out pretty good! I think you're better off with this hue than with a real pale blond or anything.

Yeah, the idea of the maintenance would put me off.

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