Thursday, February 11, 2010

Random Acts of Thursday - It Takes Two

Lori made a brilliant home-baked version of a famous logoed chocolate sandwich cookie last night. She bought special cocoa just for such purpose, and the taste was surreal. The cookies were crisp, light and flaky, the filling just like you'd find in those 'store-bought' cookies, but better. Be jealous, because really, you're missing out.
But what you're not missing out on is all this movie-quizzin' fun! Lucked out there, didn't you?

Name Two Films...

1) ...based on board games

2) ...featuring characters named Chance

3) ...based upon video games, but that DON'T feature CGI

4) ...based on 'true stories of alien abduction'

5) ...starring Bill McKinney and Geoffrey Lewis

6) ...based in part on both Dashiell Hammett's book
Red Harvest and the works of Akira Kurosawa

Certainly, I expect you to do some research. Can't all be simple, that's what Mondays are for. However, I'm only asking for two of each, and some of these categories have more than two correct answers.

If you want to list more than two, hoping it gets treated as extra credit, you may. Doesn't mean it will be. You want extra credit? Name two actors who starred in films in more than one of the above categories. This is tough, because if you don't guess the films I'm thinking of, it'll be more difficult to get the extra credit right, though again, more than two actors fit the bill here.
What do you want, a cookie?


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Your wife made hydrox cookies?

Elliott said...

Um...yeah, that's it. Something like that, anyway.

Bev said...

1. Clue and Searching for Bobby Fisher.

2. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey and Hard Target.

3. Laura Croft, Tomb Raider and... um, gosh, IDK. Super Mario Does Dallas?

4. Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind and Men In Black

5. Must be Westerns 'cuz I have no clue.

6. Chinatown and Kill Bill?

Bev said...

Ok, and for the sake of full-diclosure, I should tell you that I knew one of each category (except #5) but I did have to Google, er... research the others.

Elliott said...

Bev - I didn't even think of SBF, that's good. However, #4 are supposed to be TRUE stories of alien abduction. Because that happens, right?

Sarah J. Bradley said...

Geeez, I'd play, but Bev's too fast on the draw...

Oh, but I'm completely jealous of the cookies!

Elliott said...

You can still play, just because Bev answered doesn't mean she's right.

Cary said...

McKinney and Lewis both did a lot of westerns, but I can't recall which ones they were both in. Lewis did a lot of Eastwood movies.

McKinney never lived down being the guy who made Ned Beatty squeal like a pig.

Cary said...

Oh.. speaking of Eastwood, I think the Hammett thing might be Kurosawa's Yojimbo, which in turn was the basis for A Fistful Of Dollars.

Bev said...

Check out the big brain on C!

Oh, and Elliott's right; everyone should still answer b/c I tend to pull answers out of my arse, so they're usually wrong.

And on Mondays I just ditto Jenks. Why? Why the fuck not? He's smart.

Elliott said...

Cary, I always picture McKinney as the nut with the trunk full of rabbits and a shotgun in Thunderbolt and Lightfoot. Time to watch Deliverance again, I caught the first five minutes a few weeks ago.

You're halfway there with the Hammett/Yojimbo connection, too.

And Bev, there are no wrong answers (well, there are...), just 'less correct'.

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

This game seems too hard so I am basically boycotting it.

But I just wanted to say that I WANT THOSE COOKIES.

Now, please.

Gwen said...


dogimo said...

THOSE COOKIES are so good looking.

Wait, which quizzes are google-allowed and which are not? You should put a little indicator on these.

I'd never have gotten this one either way! I'm certain I have missed a few of these films. For me, Google (where allowed) is to jog what you know, not to puzzle out stuff I never saw. Quiz-wise, I mean. But I don't impose such an arbitrary distinction on others!

Elliott said...

Our friend named the cookies this morning: Lori-o's...

I freely accept Google on RAoT, because they do require some research. Most of these start in my memories of films, but I always do research to confirm my answers before I post the quiz. Monday quotes, though? If you Google the quote, you get the answer, plain and simple. Therefore, Google is verboten on Mondays.

Nej said...

Oh gosh...I'm so far behind. OK...without reading other comments, and without doing research (I have to get caught up, don't you know) we go.

1) Clue...and Jumangi. Oh wait, based on board games...not about board games. Ummmmm......

2) And now, I will impress you with my children's movies mental database. AirBud and Homeward Bound. Both characters are animals....but that counts, right?

3) Wargames and The Last Starfighter....wait...those are about video games, not based on them. I'm really not doing well today am I??

4) ??

5) ??

6) ??

I'm distracted by the pictures of those cookies....I admit it fully!!! :-)

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