Monday, February 8, 2010

Movie Mania Monday - Okay, who brought the dog?

I feel for so many of you, dear readers, I really do. Even growing up in Wisconsin, I couldn't conceive of a 40-inch snowfall. Let's hope those of you who've been shoveling all weekend get a bit of respite. It's been cool here, at worst. We had several glorious days of 70-degree sunniness, and I even grilled burgers last night like it was summer. Charcoal's where it's at, people.

Last week, Samsmama was the first of many to identify the quote from Ghostbusters, and probably did so while wrapped in her Snuggie. A brilliant film from my childhood and yours, 1984 was a great year. Just ask George Orwell. It was a great retro-movie watching weekend, too. Saw bits of Striking Distance, before the 'disenchanted police officer with a heart of gold' character became too cliche for us to endure another Bruce Willis movie. Watched Hard Target, John Woo's first American film and featuring everyone's favorite action hero, Wilford Brimley. Oh, and Jean Claude Van Damme was in it too. Finally saw American Psycho last night, uncut on IFC and exquisite. Makes me want to go buy a Huey Lewis cassette or two and have new business cards printed.

Lori baked another pie this weekend, since we polished of her cranberry apple masterpiece on Friday. This time she drew a recipe from the 'Retro Pies' book we received as a shower gift from our friend Julie. I wasn't sure about it at first, but I think it could be a winner. Virginia Real Whiskey Apple Pie is somewhere between a custard tart and a liquored-up panna cotta, and I've never had anything quite like it. This is definitely not an office pot-luck pie.

I had a productive weekend, can you tell?

Ah, but here we are, finally, at the new week's quote. You've been so patient, dear reader.
Remember the rules. First person to guess correctly the original source of the quote wins a prize - no movie characters quoting other movies. No Googling or asking Jeeves, either you know the quote or you don't. The prize is a Major Award and consists of the people's ovation and fame forever (and the title of Iron Quote-Guesser):

"I don't know what we're gonna do with all these rabbits..."

Because I don't want to seem cruel, I'll give you some hints. They're probably not helpful hints, but they're hints all the same. The film in question has been referenced in a Random Acts of Thursday quiz from last October that nobody even tried to answer. The actor who spoke this line has spoken at least one other Movie Mania Monday quote this year, a pretty small window. These don't narrow it down much, but it could be of some assistance if you do your homework correctly.

Allez Guessing!


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Wallace and Gromit, Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

Bev said...

Yeah, what he said!

Happy Monday! Your weekend sounds pie-rific. I'm a big fan of American Psycho too, and of IFC now that you mention it.

Love the title of this post, of course. :)

Elliott said...

Sadly, you're both wrong.

IFC is brilliant, as is Sundance. I get to see lots of films in their original, uncut form.

And the title was all for you, Bev. Of course.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Of course it's wrong. Since I never have any idea, I just let the first somewhat relevant movie title that pops into my mind be my guess.

Donnie Darko.

Elliott said...

I know that you know it's wrong, but if I don't clarify for other visitors, they might decide not to guess.

That would be sad.

Bev said...

I didn't know it was wrong. I should warn you - I was never a great student. If the answer didn't jump into my mind immediately I would pretty much lose interest and flirt with boys instead.

'Sup, boys?

Even though this one is tip-of-the-tongue familiar, I'm still going to go with whatever Jenks says.

Other visitors, have at it!

Sarah J. Bradley said...

Hold your sympathy for a bit. Here it's less than a dusting, and nothing over the weekend. We're wary of the weather people in these parts because they use any excuse they can to break into regular programming. I 'll believe it when I'm shoveling it! LOL!

Elliott said...

Sure, Sarah, rub in the fact that Wisconsin got less snow than my readers in Virginia and the Carolinas! They'll love that!

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

No clue...again. I have hundreds of movies on DVD and this is driving me crazy. Please do one from Young Frankenstein, I might get that one.

Also, did you see Avatar and what did you think?

S.B. said...

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot?

Good God! Now I'm dating myself.

Elliott said...

SB is correct! A little Clint, a little pre-Dude Jeff Bridges, fast cars and big guns!

And I don't think you're dating yourself, through the power of syndication anyone could see anything at any time. I have a bit of an unhealthy attachment to television, can anyone tell?

HappyHour, I know I've referenced YF here before, but I'll have to look back and see if I've used it as a quote. Tafetta, darling!

Haven't seen Avatar, I have a difficult time when I live with the preconceived notion that CGI is for people who can't create a valid storyline. Also why I don't plan on seeing 2012...

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