Thursday, February 25, 2010

Random Acts of Thursday - Go with the Flo

Those were the days, carefree childhood days, when watching television was our version of crack. We were hooked and it was rotting our brains, but we just couldn't get enough. And despite our parents' efforts to limit our television intake, we soaked up as much 70's and 80's Philo Farnsworthy goodness as we could get our eyes on. Sure, who doesn't remember the grit-kissed Flo, cracking wise as she waited on the same five customers week after week. How did any of them make a living at this? However, while Alice was based almost exclusively at Mel's Diner (and Cheers and Taxi were based almost exclusively at their respective places of business) many of the other favorites of the day used restaurants, bars and other places of business as refuges from home life.

Or maybe those shows just had larger budgets. Two, even three sets? Capitalist decadence. I'd bet real money, a whole George, even, that these shows were used to demoralize captured Soviet spies during the cold war.

Anyway, this week's quiz is pretty simple. As such, I'm suspending the Google-rule for this Thursday, and invoking the Monday clause, being as with these, either you know them or you don't. It's not a simple game of who can Google the fastest. All you have to do, kids, is identify the television show where each of the following businesses was safe haven for the characters, their home away from home, if you will.
  1. Sam's Butcher Shop
  2. Arnold's
  3. Moe's Tavern
  4. Hooper's Store
  5. Monk's Cafe
  6. Floyd's Barber Shop
  7. The Max
  8. Pavlov's
  9. Brockett's Bakery
  10. Kelcy's Bar
  11. The Warsaw
  12. The Regal Beagle
  13. Central Perk

Extra special super bonus points if you can tell me which show featured 'The Hub'. I can visualize it, but Google is being very uncooperative and I just can't remember.

Hmmph. There might actually be something to that whole 'brain rotting' theory.


MJenks said...

Google's being uncooperative?

Well, it can just kiss your grits.

Warsaw = Drew Carey Show. I'm claiming that one for my love of Drew Carey.

MJenks said...

Oh, and Philo Farnsworth opened a business based on his idea for the TV in Fort Wayne, IN. Which is usually where I claim to be my "home", because no one has heard of Markle, IN (and it's only like fifteen miles away).

Elliott said...

I've heard of it NOW, anyway. I'll have to route our trip back to WI through Markle, take some commemorative shots of the old Jenks homestead...

Blogger's being uncooperative, too. I never got notified of your first comment, so your second one seemed rather abrupt...

Ms said...

Sam's Butcher Shop-Brady Bunch
Arnold's-Happy Days
Moe's Tavern-need to sniff more glue
Hooper's Store-ditto
Monk's Cafe-ditto squared
Floyd's Barber Shop-Mayberry RFD
The Max-drawing a blank
Pavlov's-does simply drooling count?
Brockett's Bakery-I'll have a donut, please
Kelcy's Bar-clueless here
The Warsaw-ditto again
The Regal Beagle-Three's Company
Central Perk-Friends

KLo said...

Hooper's Store was "Sesame Street".

Was The Hub "That '70s Show"? I'm not sure, but that keeps popping into my head.

Bev said...

Seems like the others have already gotten these, so I'll just go ahead and throw out some Beastie Boys for y'all:

"Like Sam the Butcher bringin' Alice the MEAT.
Like Fred Flintstone bumpin' around with both FEET.
Should I have another drink?
Nah, skip it,


I'm out.

Bev said...

Oh, and Monk's was the coffee shop on Seinfeld.


Elliott said...

Bev, there's still six unanswered, including a few that just screamed 'Bev' to me. But I'll never turn down Beastie Boys, either.

KLo, YES! Thank you, that one's been giving me a headache!

Ms, I forgot anything about Mayberry RFD, because without Andy, it's just not Mayberry.

calicobebop said...

Ok, everybody has already posted the answers to the ones I know - but I have one for you!

Royal Diner - can you guess? One of my favorite "crime procedurals" staring a guy that used to be in a cool show written by Joss Whedon starring Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Bwahh ha ha ha...

Elliott said...

Oh, I like this game! Never watched it, but based on your hint I have to say 'Bones'.

calicobebop said...

Holla! Never watched Bones? Come ON! ;p

Melissa said...

1. Sam's Butcher Shop - The Brady Bunch
2. Arnold's - Happy Days
3. Moe's Tavern - The Simpsons
4. Hooper's Store - Sesame Street
5. Monk's Cafe - Seinfeld*
6. Floyd's Barber Shop - The Andy Griffith Show
7. The Max - Saved by the Bell
8. Pavlov's - Two and a Half Men*
9. Brockett's Bakery - Mister Roger's Neighborhood*
10. Kelcy's Bar - All in the Family*
11. The Warsaw - The Drew Carey Show*
12. The Regal Beagle - Three's Company*
13. Central Perk - Friends

(*Googled... and before you ask, no, I didn't watch Seinfeld)

And hey, what about The Drunken Clam?

(Loved this post!)

blue said...

The Hub is definitely from That 70s Show. I always thought it was a little weirdly futuristic sounding for the show, but I guess it could be motor- or wheels-related. Gearheady. I'm glad to see the answers---I was wondering why I couldn't get five of these (6, 8-10), and now I see it's because I never watched the shows (except for Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, which I probably just didn't remember).

blue said...

Whoops, got the numbers wrong! I didn't know 11 either. I've watched some Two and A Half Men, in fact, and enjoyed it, but I never watched a single episode of the Drew Carey Show. I can't stand him.

Elliott said...

Drunken Clam is 'Family Guy', forgot about that one.

Blue, Pavlov's shows up by name in the first or second episode, after that it's just assumed, I think, that it's the same bar.

Anonymous said...

The Boar's Head Tavern, where Daisy Duke strutted in her eponymous short shorts.

Elliott said...

Too easy, for a car-jump-lovin' nine year old! That's Jefferson Davis Hogg's roadhouse from 'The Dukes of Hazzard'!

tracey said...

haven't even read the blog yet, been distracted the past couple of days, but had to stop and say i'm really happy to see the cheesy background back!

Sarah J. Bradley said...

Sam's Butcher Shop The Brady bunch
Arnold's Happy Days
Moe's Tavern The Simpsons

Hooper's Store Sesame Street
Monk's Cafe Seinfeld
Floyd's Barber Shop
The Max Saved by Bell
Pavlov's Fraiser
Brockett's Bakery
Kelcy's Bar
The Warsaw Drew Cary
The Regal Beagle Three's Company
Central Perk Friends

And the Hub? That 70's show.

I am stumped by three, though, so good list! And I did this one without googling, so I'm pretty proud of my self!

tracey said...

crap - i stopped back by to read & missed my chance to dazzle you. i actually knew quite a few of these.
fun post elliott - thanks for reminding me of my wasted (& proud of it) youth. time to hit youtube for some clips.

dogimo said...

I know I'm way late, but I shut my eyes so as not to see anyone else's answers, and I'm a-typing in my own window here! Serene and independent. And late.

Sam's Butcher Shop - The Brady Bunch
Arnold's - Happy Days
Moe's Tavern - The Simpsons
Hooper's Store - huh
Monk's Cafe - nope
Floyd's Barber Shop - nah
The Max - nyup
Pavlov's - nada
Brockett's Bakery -nyet
Kelcy's Bar - double-huh
The Warsaw - wow.
The Regal Beagle - THREE'S COMPANY! YES!!!
Central Perk - Friends

Wow, I really sucked. I'm posting it anyway!

dogimo said...

OOOH WAIT! THE HUB! I knew the Hub! It's That 70's Show! Mitch Hedberg guest-starred as the laid-backedly surly counter help.

MJenks said...

I don't know if you REALLY want to stop off in Markle, IN. It is, in it's defense, more than just a wide spot in the road.

However, it is conveniently just off I-69. However, it seems as though that's a hundred miles out of your way to go from Florida to Wisconsin (I'm guessing 65 through the western part of the state would be the better option...)

Elliott said...

Yes, now that I've mapped it, this would be a little difficult to justify. However, it is almost on the way from Wisconsin to Cleveland, and since Lori has to go there three or four times a year for work, we could do it then.

Markle. The crossroads of the upper-middle-ish-right-part-of-the-general-great-lakes-state-area.

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