Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So true...

In light of the little Patrick Cudahy fire, I have actually been thinking about bacon more than normal - and that's quite a lot. I think I need the tee shown above. If you need one too, you can click on the blog title itself. I'm not being sponsored by the site, I just really wanted to share the shirt. You can also buy a wide assortment of gourmet bacon. (Is there any other kind?)

I have Ruhlman's Charcuterie at home, and fully intended to make my own bacon before we moved to the basementless sunshine state and I lost my root cellar. I can buy a sausage cabinet that would replicate that environment, so let's just add that to the long list of large, electric-sucking appliances I have at home. I also found several posts for bacon cinnamon rolls. Cinnabon could make a killing with that! Several acquaintances have made bacon vodka, still on my list of goals - a bacon Bloody Mary would be the perfect hair of the dog or brunch accoutrement! Others emailed me pictures of chocolate-covered candied bacon they made one night. My favorite bacon cooking method is just heaven: Thick-cut bacon on a fine-mesh cooking rack over a baking sheet, sprinkle with brown sugar and fresh-cracked black pepper, bake at 400 until crisp and heavenly. Best BLT fixins ever!

Google (or 'Bing' or 'Yahoo' or 'Ask', if you prefer) 'Bacon Fashion' and the possibilities are endless! Bacon-scented bacon tuxedo, bacon shoes, bacon wallet, bacon scarves, bacon bandages, bacon toupees, bacon bikinis and bacon cell-phone covers. I will not, however, be held responsible for any errant Kevin Bacon pictures that may result. That's why they created 'safe-search'.

And the written arts of bacon (as opposed to the written works of Bacon - whether or not you believe the hype that he wrote most of Shakspeare's plays)! There are sites devoted to bacon limericks and bacon haiku, like my own example here:

bacon brings me joy
hot and crispy all fried up
I could eat a pound

Please feel free to share your own fond bacon stories, anecdotes and poetry here. Naughty bacon limericks, anyone?


Bev said...

Bacon is one of those foods that I could literally eat every day, along with tacos and guacamole. But not all at the same time. Well, ok, maybe.


Elliott said...

Mmmm...avocado BLT...

Our home is awash with both corn and flour tortillas, there isn't much that doesn't get tacofied at some point. Even better, I found a place where I can buy pre-peeled, halved avocados frozen in bulk.

The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

baaaaacooooooooonnnnnn nom nom nom...

from one bacon-lover to another:

Elliott said...

I have Bacon Salt! I should find that, it was a gift on our last trip home and I haven't used it yet.

Be nice and share!

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