Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Rumble of Dissention

So, from time to time, I get around to dropping a little something creative into the ether. Eventually I'll have a whole series of my unfinished novels and short stories to share, but for now, poemize I must - mainly because it's late, I'm stuck at work, and I'm trying to avoid eating the yogurt I was saving for lunch tomorrow.


I’ve got the borborygmi
And I rock it like a pygmy
Hangin’ loose with rumbling in my belly

I could use a snack or
Some cheese upon a cracker
Or even just a spoon and sweet grape jelly

These noises and vibrations
Could frighten third-world nations
With their anger and disdain for all around me

It’s not that I’ve not eaten
I have that disorder beaten
But the persistence of the noises quite astound me

Some call it borborygmus
But a singular ain’t quite just
Since rumblin’s come in threes or fours or dozens

They start out quite discreetly
Then drown out noise completely
As the rumblings soon are joined by all their cousins

So I’ll try to quell the voices
Raised by iffy dietary choices
And get upon a schedule neat and tidy

I’ll dine five times each day so
The gurgling goes away, though
I’m sure such rigid tasks will fail to guide me.

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Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm grape jelly.

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