Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Don't look back, I can never look back

It is, indeed, summer, and a hot one at that. However, in many respects (my emotional maturity notwithstanding), I ceased being a boy many years ago, and the closest I can come in a vehicular nature is the ICP sticker on my Buick.
What? Who doesn't want a psycho with a cleaver on their car? Besides, it went with the axe I carried in the trunk for years...for...camping trips...yeah, that's the ticket.

Anyway, I left work last night in the pouring rain and got in the car to find my rear-view mirror dangling from the mass of wires that power the map lights and the defunct auto-dim feature of said mirror. Now, this happens from time to time with rear-view mirrors, I snapped the mirror off in my last car trying to adjust it for my much-shorter sister and had to reattach it in the SuperTarget parking lot in Fort Dodge, IA.

This is a nuisance, not a major crisis. There are far more pressing problems in the world than my car doing its inanimate best to return to the earth one molecule at a time. Still, it amazes me how often I use that mirror, as I spent the drive home and this morning's drive in looking at the glue patch where my mirror used to live. Given that the driver's side mirror, also auto-dim and also defunct, is useless for reflection, this leaves me with the ever-reliable passenger side mirror, what with its funhouse quality of making objects appear further away than in reality.

This leaves me with the option of driving faster than everyone else so I never have to worry about what's coming up behind me. Except maybe that state trooper I blew past on the Crosstown this morning.

*** In a completely unrelated request for assistance, I will be in Germantown, MD next week and need to know where I should eat. I love local places that serve things I'll never get anywhere else, but it's disheartening to find that most of the restaurants on the 'Best restaurants of...' lists are empty, soulless chains. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Bev said...

LOL @ "There are far more pressing problems in the world than my car doing its inanimate best to return to the earth one molecule at a time."

So true, and so well-put. Sorry 'bout your mirror. We always miss that which we no longer have, yes? Come to think of it, I don't know if I ever use my sideview mirror. Huh.

No clue about MD restaurants, but I'll ask my sis, who lives around those parts.

Samsmama said...

I pulled the mirror down in my mom's car, but I attributed it to my super human strength.

My husband made an interesting observation after I'd driven his car. Seems he always has to readjust the rearview, but never the side. Hmmm...guess I don't use it. That really comoforted him.

Elliott said...

I rely on all three mirrors, but none more than the center. Pure habit.

Lori's car has a two-driver preset, so she never has to readjust them when she gets in, but the center mirror always gets moved. She loathes driving the Buick, so I generally don't have issues there. However, it always took me a few minutes to put my car back the way I liked it after our older daughter would drive, since the seat would be all the way forward and my mirrors would be pointing at the ground.

Anonymous said...

I hate it when the man drives my car... the first thing he does is move the rear view mirror... I can never get that bitch back to the way I like it. Oh and don't get me started on moving the seat.....

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