Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I will be stocking up on bacon until the situation improves

I was nearly in applewood-smoke-induced tears last evening, when I saw that Patrick Cudahy, bacon and ham purveyor extraordinaire in Cudahy, WI was engulfed in flames for several days. It is a sad, sad day when children may have to go hungry for lack of pre-cooked bacon in their parents' grocery stores.

I like bacon. Truly, truly, enjoy it. My favorite recipes involve bacon,
like this one from my other blog. I have travelled to Rome for the simple joy of spaghetti carbonara. I buy impulse items at the grocery store and unhealthy restaurants based solely upon the word 'bacon' in the name. I'm jealous of my friend Lisa who received this for a birthday gift one year.

Strangely, though, what concerns me more, being as I am an uncompassionate fat guy, is that the loss of pre-cooked bacon doesn't concern me nearly as much as the jobs of those employees, and the fate of one of my childhood icons, with their holiday jingle running through my head even as you read this. And at the same time, to think that a fire that burned for days, consumed millions of gallons of water just to mock the efforts of 27 fire departments, that nobody was injured in all of that.

Kind of makes me want some bacon.


Sarah J. Bradley said...

As a fellow bacon worshipper, I am watching the coverage of the fire with great interest and sorrow.

Bev said...

Ditto to Sarah!

Dude, I love bacon. It's honestly one of my favorite foods, even though I limit my intake because I'm always fighting the pudge. It's an uphill battle!

Anonymous said...

I love me some swine. Mmmmmmmm

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