Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pie can make the world go 'round

I've always leaned toward the conservative side of moderate, and public welfare projects are fine as long as they aren't at my expense. I've also leaned toward food, because that's how I roll. Today, while thinking about pie for lunch (which I am wont to do from time to time), I discovered there is actually a growing movement in this country where diverse individuals from all over gather in towns across the country to give out FREE PIE.

This is not like the free pie you get at Village Inn on Wednesdays, where you can only pick from three kinds of pie with an accompanying purchase, and they're the crappy pies. Instead it is an assemblage of real, honest-to-goodness home-made pie, passed out by common folk like you and I. They'll even give you assistance setting up a Free Pie Day in your hometown. It seems simple enough. Of course, many of you know that I don't bake, but Lori makes the best pie known to creation, and she loves me, so that's a bonus.
To quote the intent, The Free Pie Movement is the first community outreach venture of PieLab. The message is simple: Sometimes life is bad; free pie isn’t. The Free Pie Movement is founded on the idea that simple gestures, like giving away free pie, can unite communities and spread joy.
They even have a full-time free pie center in Greensboro, Alabama. I'll take that over a Starbucks to plan my anarchy any day!

Spread joy. Share pie. Make the world a little better. This is the kind of charity I can encourage without hesitation.


Bev said...

Mmmmm, pie. I didn't think I could like it more, but then you said it could be freeeeee.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

You know what? They're right. Sometimes, life is bad, but free pie sure ain't.

This is a grass-roots movement I can fully get behind. Or in front of. Or whatever, just give me the pie.

Samsmama said...

Hold up! The Village Inn gives out free pie on Wednesdays? How am I not aware of this???

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful world we live in......

Be nice and share!

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