Monday, December 20, 2010

Movie Mania Monday - Two turtlenecks and a beer

Hey, kids!  It's been another cold week here in the O-hi-o, but it hasn't been without warm holiday tidings.  I even enjoyed some noodle kugel courtesy of the deli up the street from home.  We braved the holiday traffic over the weekend, which explains why I do most of my Christmas shopping online, and right now I feel like I could go for a cup of hot cocoa just in hopes that I could feel my fingers again.

Keep watching this space for further events, kiddoes, the Fun Fact Fat Guy Film Finds Foodipalooza is celebrating it's second year, with lots of goodies in our sleigh.

However, right now, it's time for this week's movie quote.  No Googling or using any other search engines (as if anyone uses anything but Google...).  Identify the original source of the quote, no movies within movies or characters quoting past films.  Should you guess the quote correctly, you'll win the peoples' fame and ovation forever, along with the title of 'Iron Quote Guesser'.

"Hey, we're flexible. Pearl Harbor didn't work out so we got you with tape decks."

Allez guessing and joyeux noel, mes amis!


Bev said...

I got nussing. Nussing, Lebowski!

But nice picture. That chick doesn't make me feel badly about my body at all! No way.

Happy Monday before Christmas, Elliott!!

Elliott said...

As long as you're okay with the picture, then I have nothing to worry about on Thursday's post. Good to know. (Photoshop is an amazing thing. I'm sure those mittens weren't that fuzzy in the original shoot...)

L G said...

Merry Christmas! I thought long and hard about this particular quote. I'm guessing that a Japanese actor said it in the movie but no one comes to mind.

Kristen said...

Is it The Hangover? - don't laugh at me.....

Elliott said...

Sorry, not The Hangover. It's a vaguely Christmas-y film, if that helps any.

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