Monday, December 13, 2010

If it's Monday it must be snowing...

Alright, kids, we've got white-out conditions here in Cleveland, and somehow when The Boss compared his pink Cadillac favorably to a Subaru, I'm sure he wasn't referring to this kind of weather. All-wheel drive might be nice about now.

(And yes, I know people have said, I'm sure rightfully so, that the song has nothing to do with an actual Cadillac.  But you take my point, I hope.)

We're going remedial today, because there are still unsolved quotes in our past.  Go back and take a look, test your luck and venture a guess!  It's almost a Christmas season tribute, since two of the films feature little people, and two of them involve actors who've been in holiday movies in recent years.

Meantime, I'm going to hunker down and imagine I'm curled up with Lori on the sofa, watching the snow from beside a crackling fire. 

Stay warm, kids, and allez guessing!


amelia said...

We have lot's and lot's of snow too today!! We are snowed in but it's so pretty!!

Elliott said...

They actually shut our office down an hour ago. Unfortunately, as I'm closer to home than anyone else in the office, I'm here until 5.

Sarah J. Bradley said...

In spite of the minute by minute coverage here in the Milwaukee area, that started on WEDNESDAY of last week...the snowstorm here didn't produce much. Milwaukee and Waukesha counties barely got 2 inches. BUT, Counties just north and west got pounded...pity the news didn't cover the areas where there was know...SNOW!

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