Monday, December 6, 2010

Movie Mania Monday - Delays, delays.

So Cleveland has been hit with the first significant snowfall of the season.  It's been snowing more often than not since Friday, I think. 

As such, Movie Mania Monday is closed for the safety of our readers.  In the meantime, click here for some helpful advice, in the event you've never seen snow before or have lived in sub-tropical climates for the last three winters.  For true-to-life advice, I prefer this one.



Midwestern Mama Holly said...

We're having hella snowfalls here in Southern Ohio too. I'm still new enough to it to think its pretty. Wont drive on it, but its pretty.

Bev said...

Stay safe! We've had flurries here, but no big snowfall yet. We're in for it. ;)

Frank Irwin said...

I actually enjoyed shovelling my driveway when I lived in MA. It helped that the guy down the street cleared the snow plow droppings for me with his tractor-mounted snow blower, though.

Frank Irwin said...

Maybe if you're lucky, you'll get a guy with a front-end loader to help you out.

Elliott said...

Frank - For the record, I would totally do that. I was upset to see he didn't work the back end as well, there's still hope the guy could get out of that pile.

Bev, it's supposed to continue like this until Thursday. Nothing like a rude reawakening.

Holly, you don't drive on it. That's the beauty, you SINK IN.

But I'm trying to stay positive, since we have another three days (months?) of it coming.

Frank Irwin said...

Wow, Elliot. It took me a while to remember what my comment was, that you were replying to, as I read it in my e-mail. Thankfully, it wasn't anything like what I was thinking.

Daisy said...

LOL @ Frank.

We had a two hour delay for schools this morning for ice and snow so the kids were happy. I could live without it very easily, but I won't be able to do that living here.

Thanks for the snow shoveling advice. HA! :)

Nej said...

Snow!! Bring on the snow!! All we've got is inches of this crappy ice crap. :-)

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