Thursday, October 28, 2010

Random Acts of Thursday - I had to work a double shift at Cinnabons

Oh, October, how do I love thee?  I love the mist in the mornings, the wind overnight, the smell of fallen leaves, fine seasonal beers and the re-appearance of pumpkin pie in the grocery store.  Given proper funding (see button at right) I also have some wonderfully gruesome, children-wetting-themselves Halloween ideas that need to be played out at some point. 

And this weekend, Lori and I will be attending a masquerade ball themed around Poe's Masque of the Red Death.  Among the tarot readers, headless horsemen and the "Guess who's Death" game, I found a new musical genre that just cries out to be loved:  Goth-a-billy.

I'm already a fan of rock-a-billy and psycho-billy, and despite having never worn black nail polish and a floor-length black coat, I love The Cure.  This just screams to be downloaded for my listening pleasure, I'm sure.
The band playing at this little soiree is named Cult of the Psychic Fetus.  If it wasn't already a band name, Cult of the Psychic Fetus would be a GREAT band name.

Speaking of macabre little pagan holidays, I must say I'm rather disappointed in Food Network even more than normal.  As if it isn't bad enough that Sandra Lee gets a Halloween special, last weekend we watched the Food Network Horror Cakes Challenge.  Judged by Leatherface himself, these were kindly little cakes with little actual horror.  Mock horror, perhaps.  Horrificomical?  Maybe.  But the judges were looking for gumpaste intestines dripping with raspberry blood, the glint of some medieval torture device sawing limbs from exchange students.

And really, who isn't?

And speaking of medieval torture devices, I've noticed an alarming number of dead blogs in my random trolling of the web.  People who clutter the limited disk space of the worldwide web with pages that haven't been updated in three or four years or more.  Sure, pages like MyDeathSpace can tell us when someone's page isn't updated for a reason, but how many people just forget their passwords or lose interest with no sort of sign-off? 

I'll do my best not to do that to my readers.  What I will do is leave you with the award-winning costume Lori made for me a number of years ago.
Now, your turn.  What's your best Halloween/Autumn memory ever?  And for my readers in the southern hemisphere, Spring memories work, too.  Until then, stay out of the daylight.


Bev said...


Nice legs, Dorothy! Looks like I need to introduce you to my Vietnamese torturer/waxer.

Best Halloween memory? That's a toughie because I have always loved this time of year. I'd say any of the 4 Halloweens I had in my college years would win, even though (or because?) I don't remember much of them.

MJenks said...

My college-year Halloweens were largely unexciting. It was usually Little Sibs weekend at St. Joe, and people would bring their kid brothers or sisters up to stay for the weekend. The kids would then go and trick-or-treat through the dorms. This led to a definite lack of togas. Or something.

Not to mention, my senior year was the year that Stinky Sam put the cockblock on me with Anne Marie Vidal, so...

MJenks said...

As for best Halloween memory? Probably a couple of years ago, when my kids were big enough to both go Trick-or-Treating. My daughter was a mermaid, which made for fun walking, and my son was a bus.

We wandered far and wide in our neighborhood, hitting lots of houses. It was a beautiful night, the kids pulled in a great haul, and I didn't have to carry anyone home.

This was made sweeter (pun intended) by the fact that very few people disturbed the bowl of candy I left on the front stoop with a sign "Happy Halloween! Help yourself!" Which meant I got to sicken myself on Reese's cups.

I'm a helluva influence as a father.

Nej said...

My mom and dad really got into Halloween. One year they, on the day OF Halloween (because that's how they did it) decided my sister and I should be Ghostbusters. The outfits were corny, but fun. We each had boxes made into "power packs" on our back....with 2x2 proton guns. People put candy in the boxes on our backs, instead of carrying around bags. And, there was a switch on my gun. I flipped the switch, and it turned on a tape recorder in my box, playing the Ghostbusters theme song. it was awesome!!!!

(Is that a cassette tape in the basket in your picture?)

Elliott said...

Nej, good eye. That is, in fact, a cassette of this album. And the Ghostbusters costumes sound kick-ass.

Jenks, we never seem to get nearly enough kids to take all the candy.

What does a bus costume look like?

A few years ago before we left WI, we had friends over for dinner on Trick-or-Treat night, so my friends took drunken turns admonishing kids in their costumes and refusing to give them candy.

I don't remember Halloween being a big deal in college, partly because it didn't get all frosty and cool in Texas.

Best Halloween memory after the one I mentioned above was years ago when Steph was quite young yet. We went to a 'haunted woods' which included a walk through the local nursing home so all the great grandmas could see all the costumes. One of the 'haunters' jumped out from under the bridge at Steph, who promptly kicked him in the shins. I think she'd have kept it up and broken a few ribs if he'd dropped.

We also had the year that Lori and the girls buried me in the leaves in the front yard. They'd hand out candy, and as soon as a child took the bait to shuffle through the leaves, I'd jump out and grab them. I had a pillowcase over my head so I couldn't see anything, but I swear that little girl wet herself while I could hear her dad, at the street, laughing his ass off.

Elliott said...

And Bev, I think 'Vietnamese Waxer' would be a great Halloween costume.

Daisy said...

HA HA HA HA HA! I think that's the best Dorothy costume I've ever seen!

I went dressed as Batman when I was about six or seven years old because I loved the TV show so much. :D

Frank Irwin said...

I don't do the Halloween thing much, but one year I carved a jack-o-lantern and wore it on my head. That made it difficult to play miniature golf, let me tell you.

Here's a bus costume.

Kate said...

We love Halloween, and by "we", I mean my husband...which results in me making costumes for the family while our entire house is taken over by gigantic rats, bloody skulls, and (once) a disturbingly realistic life-sized mummy...all of which results in me not liking Halloween all that much after all.

BUT I digress. You asked about a favorite Halloween memory. I think it might be the first year said husband and I were dating when I showed up to his Halloween party in a bride's dress (from my first wedding, actually--talk about scary!!). He saw me through the window and freaked out ("Commitment??? Argh!") until he came outside and saw the blood.

Bride? Bad. Bride of Frankenstein? Good. Very good.

Anonymous said...

Every halloween memory is the best for me. I love this time of year -- and everything Pumpkin, candy corn and a break from the heat in Orlando.

I love the dorothy costume.

Midwestern Mama Holly said...

DAYUUUM Dorothy! You're HAWT! Having grown up in the South Ive just been experiencing Fall for the past few years...... so theyre all my favorite memories!

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