Thursday, October 21, 2010

Random Acts of Thursday - Howard's End

(or, From Mr. C to Mystery)
October 1, 1927 — October 19, 2010

The world lost an icon this week.  Tom Bosley passed away at age 83, an American icon and a better father than Cliff Huxtable could ever hope to be.  I'm at least certain that Howard Cunningham could kick Cliff's ass around the block, given the need.

Certainly he was a better father than Danny Tanner.  And even Joanie Cunningham could kick his ass.

I grew up watching Happy Days, fictionally based in my home town and therefore riveting to an eight-year-old me.  However, my favorite Mr. C memory came later in life, watching the Christmas episode where Howard was going to drive Fonzie to Waukesha to see his family for Christmas, and wouldn't be back for many, many hours.  I lived in Waukesha at the time, and even without the Interstate, there's no reason it should take two hours to drive from ANYWHERE in Milwaukee to Waukesha. 

That Mr. Cunningham, he's good people.

Any other Happy Days memories you'd like to share?


amelia said...

I loved this man and the characters he played. I last saw him with Jennifer Lopez in The Back Up Plan and while the movie was a wash out, Tom just seemed so full of life in his part. He was a very good actor and apparently a good man.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Howard Cunningham had a wonderful gorilla-like belly, but he played second-fiddle to the Fonze. As did everyone else.

Daisy said...

I grew up watching Happy Days. Loved that show. Sad news about Mr. C. and right on the heels of the news of the death of Barbara Billingsley (June Cleaver) too.

Sarah J. Bradley said...

I always liked how they passed off the red and white of UW Madison as the colors for UW Milwaukee.

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