Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The SPITWAD Chronicles - Bridging the Gap

A while back, I wrote about Todd Bridges, and how I was amazed that he was still alive. I wouldn't have called it. Honestly, if you'd asked fifteen, twenty years ago, I would have picked Lloyd Bridges to outlive Todd Bridges.
Even with the glue sniffing.

Now, as we mourn the passing of Arnold "Whatchoo talkin bout" Drummond, aka Gary Coleman, security guard extraordinaire, (and we are mourning...mourn, damn you!) I have to ask once again, did anyone really expect Todd Bridges to be the sole survivor of the original 'Diff'rent Strokes' cast?

And okay, Charlotte Rae, born in my hometown of Milwaukee, is still out there making movies, but at 84, I still think Todd might be in the running. Conrad Bain, 87. Not doing much of late, might even have died and nobody noticed. Anyone?

But if you ignore the facts, (and take the good, you take the bad...) you'd think Todd Bridges was selling the souls of his castmembers for eternal life.

(Speaking of eternal life, that Golden Girls reunion is looking at a change of venue...too soon?)

Alas, poor Arnold. We knew him, Willis.


MJenks said...

In one of the articles I read about Gary's unfortunate passing (I AM mourning, don't you worry), even Todd Bridges was amazed that he was the kid that survived.

As for Betty White...nah, never mind. I overused the Highlander reference too many times on the day Rue McLanahan died.

Bev said...

When I told my husband that Gary had passed away he turned to me and said, without missing a beat, "What choo talkin' 'bout, Beverly?"

We'll always have that.

Also, I'd like to put my money on Mrs. Garrett as the last one standing. Let the record show....

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