Thursday, June 24, 2010

Random Acts of Thursday - I'd rather fight than switch...

I am important. And not just self-important, but other people rely on my knowledge and insight. I have a lofty important title at work. I have a corner office. A real office, not just a glorified cubicle, my desk and door are both made of wood (or wood particulate...let's not split hairs.)
All that said, I find it necessary to share that yesterday, I wore baby blue boxer shorts covered in flying pigs. Monday, little race cars.
I haven't always worn boxers, I grew up tight and white, snug as a thug. Cool white cotton, softly cradling my 'personal area'. Somewhere along the line, I started the slow transition to boxers (briefs with loose dress pants, boxers with jeans), and once I made the final transition in my mid-20's, I haven't looked back.

Sure, I could still wear tighties, and I could also tuck my tee shirt into them like they do in the ads. But really. Briefs and I had a parting of the ways, and never again will we meet. Can you see me in my BVD's, gloriously parading like King Fahd on some Saudi beach?
You can now, I'm sure.

I've tried the Switzerland of undergarments, the boxer brief, and while I could see the appeal while wearing loose-fitting shorts at the gym, said gym membership was also 'brief', and back to boxers I went.

What about you, dear reader? What fantastic or failed experiments have you experienced in the fine world of undergarments?


Sarah J. Bradley said...


Okay, as a female, I found my "brand" and style of nether region wear long ago. (All I change is the size each year! LOL!)

The upper deck, however, is another story. Underwire, no underwire. Push up, wonder, water filled, padding, no padding, ha;f cup, quarter cup, full coverage, minimizer (Why would anyone wear that?) and then a rainbow of colors. I've found lately that comfort is a must and sports bras fit the bill except for a couple things: 1) It's hard to find a plus sized sports bra. Apparently only skinny, small busted women need firm support. 2) Straps. I love the fact that they don't slip, being racerback, but they tend to stick out of the collars of normal shirts. I hate that.

So I guess I'm in a mid life crisis of upper sort garment failure.

Love the shot of the dude in the speedo, btw. Made my day!

tracey said...

I'm finally back in the blogosphere & I'm just in time for the undies post! Yes! It's like finding cash in a jacket you haven't worn since last winter. : )

All I'll add is that as my age has increased so did my bra size but the undies got tinier. I haven't been happily married for 20 years just because I can cook. 'nuff said.

Is that TMI?

Nej said...

I agree with Sarah's comments on the "upper deck." There are so many options!!

I'm currently on the hunt for a sports bra that will actually do me some good while playing, um......SPORTS!!! "Low intensity" sports bras? What the heck is the point? If you require a large bra size (as I do)...the only ones you can find are low intensity. If you are small busted (I am not) there's a plethora of high intensity options. Argh! I guess only women with no boobs can be active? Makes perfect sense to me. (sigh)

Daisy said...

When pigs fly... HA HA HA!

All I will say is that I buy undies that are comfortable, which means I don't buy any that look like they are made from dental floss. Enough said. :D

Kari said...

Aha, now I see why my Stripes quote on Bev's blog was so significant. Awesome.

I tried the boy shorts for a while. They looked fabulous but they were always creeping in crevasses. If I'm going to go through all that, I'll just wear a thong. And as a woman of "generous proportions" (as my husband so diplomatically refers to me), a thong just ain't pretty.

Ms said...

Just say no to the strapless bra! In keeping with the TMI theme, I'm an underwire, full-coverage kinda girl for bras and all my panties are of the granny variety, albeit in an astounding array of colors. My sweetie goes commando. I don't get it, but..whatever!

MJenks said...

I'm a boxer brief kind of guy.

Like you, I grew up tight and white. When I was in college, I made the switch to boxers. This was funny during the summer where I worked at a nursing home in the kitchen and had to wear white pants. White pants with tartan plaid underpants. Yup.

I was a boxers man until I met my wife, who coaxed me into the land of the boxer-brief. It's nice. My boys have a home and I have no noticeable pantie lines. Awesome.

Bev said...

Oh Elliott... we'll have you in a lacy thong in no time, won't we? ;)

I got my husband into boxer briefs and he never looked back.

As for me, it depends on the day and the outfit. I rock a thong if the pants are snug and/or see-through, but rarely wear one with a dress. I just feel too exposed should a Marilyn Monroe type steam incident should occur.

On nights out, the upper and lower decks match. Frederick's of Hollywood - lace, underwire, push-up. You know how we do.

Most days, however, I'm a cotton bikini kind of gal. Not quite Granny Panties, but not exactly "make 'em drool" skivvies either.

Thus concludes a conversation I'd never have with a male friend IRL. *blush*

dogimo said...

I buy either indiscriminately, and wear what's clean.

Albeit. If it's a hot date, for some reason I'm more than likely to go with the boxers. And I'm not entirely sure why! There's not really (or there shouldn't be) a real difference. Maybe it's just that some part of me wants to be seen as a 'boxers' guy. Like that would speak more well of me somehow.

I have no idea.

Elliott said...

I've been so remiss in commenting lately, good thing I had a spammer to do it for me.

Of course if we ever have a blogger get-together, I won't know where to look.

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