Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Night at the Movies - Because Morning Movie Mania is so darn early

Okay, kids, I know it's a little late.  Send the wee ones off to bed, settle in with the popcorn, and get ready to go!

Last week was a busy one, quick trip to the Garden State via LaGuardia, which meant my first time ever seeing the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty and Evander Holyfield.  Looked like a genuinely nice guy, but I am embarrassingly low on nerdy pugilistic facts, and slow with the camera, so you'll just need to stay content with the story.

Oh, and the risotto!  When we got home Friday evening, I went to the local organic market, and found just what I wanted: freshly shelled peas, organic cultured butter, good hard parmesan, chicken stock.  I do have pictures of that, but that's not the point of today's post.  

Instead, let's play that Monday game we all know and love!  Two weeks ago the mysterious L correctly identified 'Auntie Mame' as the movie of the week.  Now, a review of the rules is in order (for my lack of short-term memory, not yours.) No Google or other web searches, you should know the quote by yourself. This should be the original source of the quote as well, no characters quoting other movies, and certainly no movies within movies. Should you guess the quote correctly, you'll win the people's fame and ovation forever, along with the title of 'Iron Quote Guesser', along with all associated accolades. Now, onto the quote of the week!

If they ever start giving out prizes for running away, YOU'LL be Champion of the Universe!

Get cracking, childrens!


Rich Girl Red said...

Elliott, I'm not sure of the name (without cheating!) but I think it's from some space movie in the early 80s. I seem to remember John Boy from the Walton's in it, but I can't be sure. Sorry, that's the best I can do!

Nej said...

Battle Beyond the Stars, or something like that?

I think that's the same one that had another quote that completely cracked me up when I heard it....something about making him dinner and burying him with it...because he promised him a meal and a place to wait, a place to hide. :-)

Daisy said...

I haven't a clue as to the quote, but the risotto sounds good. :)

Elliott said...

Rich Girl, Nej, congratulations! I was impressed that anyone remembered this film, and bonus points for Nej for knowing the other quote I almost picked for this week's contest!

And Daisy, risotto IS good. I've posted a recipe before, but I'll probably do it again because how can one go wrong with risotto?

Nej said...

I used to watch different cooking shows, and am terrified to make risotto. I watched pros completely mess it up, so figured there was no way I was going to do it right. :-)

That is one of my favorite movie quotes, the one about dinner and a place to hide. One of my favorite music get up and go just got up and went. Not sure why, but it makes me giggle every time I hear it. :-)

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