Thursday, April 21, 2011

Random Acts of Thursday - Shhhmokin'

Other than a cigar on rare occasions, I don't smoke. I am personally put off by residual cigarette smoke. When bars went smoke-free, it was a positive change for me.

However, cigs and smoking are iconic. In old film, in song, even in early television, what would we have made of it when WC Fields showed up, a la Kojak, with lolly in hand in place of his cigar? (Or Winston Churchill, for that matter. I always get them confused. Drunk and wearing a hat? They could be brothers. Wait...WC? Winston Churchill? Hmmmm...)

Okay, that went a direction I wasn't expecting. Sorry about that. Damn brain cloud...
Now, my little quizlings, dance, dance!

1) What actor starred in a Disney film under the alias Paul Mall?

2) Name the television show that featured a character named Salem?

3) What iconic ad man did Don Johnson usurp for a 1991 film?

4) What brand of cigarettes does Bruce Willis smoke in Die Hard?

5) What about in Pulp Fiction?

6) What Acadamy-award-winning film is set in Newport, RI?

7) Name the brand mentioned by Billy Joel in an iconic 80's song.

8) What series of code phrases does James Bond use to identify a fellow agent?

9) In which film did Clint Eastwood light a match on the face of his opponent?

10) What is my favorite Kool and the Gang song? (Hint - it's featured in one of the films listed above.)
Bonus:  What brand did my favorite author notoriously smoke his entire life?

If you think you've got them all, check here for the answers.


MJenks said...

1) Dick van Dyke
2) Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (oh, Melissa Joan Hart...)
3) The Marlboro Man
4) Gauloises
5) Kool Menthol...I have no idea!
6) Witches of Eastwick
7) Lucky Strikes (or just a pack of Luckys)
8) Cigarillo White Owl
9) The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Or perhaps Paint Your Wagon.
10) Ladies Night (oh what a night)

Elliott said...

Four out of ten, not bad at all. I'd have been even more impressed had you gotten #10.

Mmm, sophisticated mama.

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