Thursday, February 3, 2011

Random Acts of Thursday - Dan Aykroyd - Angel of Death?

As many of my regular readers know, I've watched a film or two in my day.  Recently, it dawned on me, while watching 'The Dark Knight', that a lot of actors have passed before their time was perhaps due.

(Okay, so a number of them pumped their bodies full of enough drugs to mellow the western hemisphere, but that's beside the point with me.)

In particular, I started running down my list o' dead celebs, and it became rather apparent to me that Dan Aykroyd might be the Angel of Death.  Among his soon-to-be-dead co-stars are Chris Farley, John Candy, John Belushi, Tupac Shakur, River Phoenix, Jack Lemmon, Phil Hartman, Anna Chlumsky...wait, she's not dead.  I never saw 'My Girl', but somehow I had it in my head that she died.  Did she die in the movie, or was that Macaulay Culkin?

Anyhow.  Lots of dead folks piling up around Dan.  Not saying it's his fault, just saying that's a lot of dead people.

So this week's quiz is a little morbid, but bear with me.  Two parts to this: first, match the dead actor to the living.  Each list contains both.  With only one exception, I've tried to avoid scenarios where both actors are dead but screws fall out every day - the world's an imperfect place.  Next, identify the film which starred both actors.

An example:  Heath Ledger (B, dead) starred with Christian Bale (1, living) in 'The Dark Knight'.

A) Alicia Silverstone
B) Heath Ledger
C) Jet Li
D) Dudley Moore
E) Christina Ricci
F) Chris Farley
G) Harrison Ford
H) Sharon Tate
I) Kevin Bacon
J) Rodney Dangerfield
K) Marilyn Monroe
L) Steve Martin
M) Bruce Lee
N) John Belushi
O) Dan Aykroyd
1) Christian Bale
2) Raoul Julia
3) David Spade
4) River Phoenix
5) Tony Curtis
6) Aaliyah
7) Joe Pesci
8) John Candy
9) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
10) Bo Derek
11) John Candy
12) Tupac Shakur
13) Brittany Murphy
14) Mia Farrow
15) Chris Penn

Simple, yes?  It's supposed to be fun, kids.  Don't kill yourself over this.


Harmony said...

*crosses fingers*

A) Alicia Silverstone, 13) Brittany Murphy “Clueless”
B) Heath Ledger, 1) Christian Bale “The Dark Knight”
C) Jet Li, 6) Aaliyah “Romeo Must Die”
D) Dudley Moore, 10) Bo Derek “10”
E) Christina Ricci, 2) Raoul Julia “The Adams Family”
F) Chris Farley, 3) David Spade “Tommy Boy”
G) Harrison Ford, 4) River Phoenix “Idiana Jones and the Last Crusade”
H) Sharon Tate, 14) Mia Farrow “Rosemary’s Baby”
I) Kevin Bacon, 15) Chris Penn “Footloose”
J) Rodney Dangerfield, 7) Joe Pesci “Easy Money”
K) Marilyn Monroe, 5) Tony Curtis “Some Like it Hot”
L) Steve Martin, 8) John Candy “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”
M) Bruce Lee, 9) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar “Game of Death”
N) John Belushi, 11) John Candy “1941”
O) Dan Aykroyd, 12) Tupac Shakur “Nothing But Trouble”

Kari said...

Alicia Silverstone (l) and Brittany Murphy (d) – Clueless
Heath Ledger (d) and Christian Bale (l) – The Dark Knight
Jet Li (l) and Aaliyah (d) – Romeo Must Die
Dudley Moore (d) and Bo Derek (l) – 10
Christina Ricci (l) and Raul Julia (d) – The Addams Family
Christ Farley(d) and David Spade (l) – Tommy Boy and Black Sheep
Harrison Ford (l) and River Phoenix (d) – The Mosquito Coast and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Sharon Tate (d) and Mia Farrow (l) – Rosemary’s Baby
Kevin Bacon (l) and Chris Penn(d) – Footloose
Rodney Dangerfield (d) and Joe Pesci (l) – Easy Money
Marilyn Monroe (d) and Tony Curtis (d)– Some Like it Hot
Steve Martin (l) and John Candy (d) – Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Bruce Lee (d) and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (l) – Game of Death
John Belushi (d) and John Candy (d) – The Blues Brothers
Dan Aykroyd (l) and Tupac Shakur (d) – Nothing But Trouble

I've intercoursed up somewhere because I have two sets of two dead folks. Side note: I totally forgot that Chris Penn was dead. Poor bastard.

Elliott said...

I'm quite impressed!

Kari, I have John Candy twice (once as the living portion of the duo, once as the dead one), I also forgot that he was in The Blues Brothers.

Harmony, so glad to see you back! You missed identifying which one was dead and which one wasn't...even though we all know.

Elliott said...

Wait...I forgot all about Tony Curtis dying last year. You're still right, Kari, and Marilyn was the only one who died 'before her time'. Like a candle in the wind.

Or something like that.

Pearl said...

I very rarely watch movies...

What?! I'm busy watching Cops!


Anonymous said...

Holy Hades! I'm not jumping in this game.

Nej said...

OK, so it's obvious I'm late to this party....but let me say, this is the best trivia post yet!!!! Very fun!!!! :-)

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