Saturday, May 15, 2010

Whatever floats your motorboat

We here at CDS Enterprises, a division of Worldwide NFG, try our best to make Cheesehead Displacement Syndrome a mix of culture and humor.  A place where reading makes you smarter, gives you something to think about before you go to sleep at night, and something to discuss around the water cooler, if such things actually happen.

However, it would appear that our target audience and our actual audience don't overlap.  I give you stories about how poultry reproduces, or where SkeeBall came from, educational quizzes from film and music, or a myriad of well-thought rental car reviews, and all you want is this:
Children.  The lot of you.  (Yes, this depiction is in my basement.  No, I didn't draw them.  No, I didn't label them, either.)

I get a fair amount of traffic, maybe a hundred or so hits a day.  For my little corner of the interweb, that's a big deal to me.  But when news came out that Danica McKellar was posing in lingerie again, this time for Maxim Magazine, I couldn't keep up with the hits.  Hundreds an hour from all over the world. 
Do I think any of those viewers even bothered to read the pointed article attached regarding the Erdos-Bacon number?  Doubtful.

So that's it.  Do I take this lying down, accept that people come here for the boobies and nothing else?
Of course not.  That would be selling out, cheapening our message to suit the carnivorous yearnings of a few 12-year-old boys with Internet access.

And we have more moral fiber than that.

Danica McKellar Danica McKellar Danica McKellar.


Frank Irwin said...

Two Questions:

1. Is Danica McKellar pointing to a bun in the oven?

II. If I ask about the white stuff on the wall near the "breasts," does that put me in your target or your actual audience?

Elliott said...

1) Yes, she's pregnant, and posed pregnant in Maxim.

B) You blur the line between target and actual, Frank. I hadn't even noticed the implication of the white spraypaint. Thanks.

dogimo said...

Is she the racecar driver? There can't be that many Danicas.

Huh. The word verification is "pantrinc".

Elliott said...

Dogimo, Danica Patrick is the racecar driver. Danica McKellar played Winnie Cooper on 'The Wonder Years'.

dogimo said...

Ah, gotcha. I thought maybe she got married. Changed last names.

MJenks said...

I dunno about anyone else, but I think about Danica McKeller before I go to sleep at night...

Just sayin...

Elliott said...

And that's just fine, the kind of thing to be expected. You don't come browsing here for inspiration on that front though, I don't think.

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