Thursday, May 27, 2010

Compunction Junction, what's your dysfunction?

As I try to get the screechings of Pauly Shore out of the back of my head (buuudddie!), indicating that I've seen the requisite 'too many' Pauly Shore movies, I find myself a week later than the last time I checked in with you kids. 

My indication last week that I might have the flu was, in fact, false.  Apparently, despite our childhood memories, the real Influenza virus is respiratory, and there is no 'stomach flu'.  So whatever still has a death grip on my GI tract is as yet unnamed.  Fun times.

But I'm so excited about the things we'll get to share, dear readers, once I get in the groove of Ohio-izing myself.  We took a great drive into Amish country this weekend, it's so nice to live somewhere with hills and curves in the countryside again.  Got to see little buggies racing along at rather impressive speeds.

And to a counter-point, there was the rambler (homeless or not) wearing a very real shiny metal pointy crown as he walked down the side of the on-ramp.  No cheap cardboard imitations for him, no sir.

Would that I had more to share, I feel bad.  Please feel free to read my old posts as though you've never seen them before, in particular, check out last August where comments are still ripe for the leaving.


Frank Irwin said...

I'd check out last August, but it was just too hot.

Harmony said...

*hides cheap cardboard pointy crown*

Bev said...

You've still got the ploppy poos? Bummer, dude. :( Hope you feel better soon, and I'm glad you're enjoying your new home!

Mala said...

Buggy races and homeless monarchs (was it Fergie??)! Do you not own a camera?

Hope you get off the pot and back on the wagon soon.

wv - spopid "spopid G.I. bug!"

Rich Girl Red said...

Sorry you've got the slippery poo, Elliott! That really bites (and burns!) I've never been a huge Pauly Shore fan but I have to tell you that my kids and I watched "Encino Man" so many times much of the dialogue was adopted into our lexicon. We say, "Weazing the joo-oos" and "don't tax my gig so hardcore cruster" all the time. Sad, in a way.

Hope you feel better soon! (Try the B.R.A.T. diet--bananas, rice, applesauce, toast--it really does help!)

tracey said...

I miss reading your posts but since my life has been sucked into the seemingly infinte vortex of an international move (I know it's only Canada, but God in Heaven it's complicated dragging yourself + 2 dual citizenshipped teens + 1 American who used to have status in Canada but not anymore + a dang cocker spaniel across an international friendly my ass. border.) I haven't been able to keep up with any of my favorite blogs including my own. THat came out kinda wrong. Whatever.
Feel better soon.

Daisy said...

I'm so sorry to hear you're not feeling well, Elliott. I hope you feel better soon.

Amish country is pretty. There are some of the gentle folk who come from Indiana (we are very close to the border here) to a stand in our town to sell their baked goods and noodles and such and their fruit and other garden produce when it is in season. Yummy stuff!

Next time you see the roving prince, maybe you should offer to give him a ride. He could decide to make you a knight or something. :D

Sarah J. Bradley said...

Rich Girl Red is 100% correct, Elliott on the "B.R.A.T." diet. Worked for my kids every time.

Feel better!

dogimo said...

I hope you feel better soon!

I have not seen too many Pauly Shore movies, but I have seen too many Steven Segal movies. I imagine the effect on one's self-image is similarly deleterious.

Nej said...

You can still call it the flu....fine by me!!!!!! :-)

Be nice and share!

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